Leaders address moral decay


I was excited to see a link to “Christian leaders call for morality” but soon realized it was not in the U.S. I hope Africans receive a better response, and are not labeled bigots for speaking out on the issues that concern them.

Religious leaders assembled for a sectoral parliamentary session to address the need for society to recognize its moral degeneration. The men stated,they are starting to see the effects of removing religion from schools and its impact on society, there was a general agreement that communities as a whole have reached a tipping point. Among the issues they discussed were increased crime, rampant drug use, alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, high school drop-outs,fatherless homes, and parents who fail to raise their children with moral values. Surprisingly they called to attention,the fear of having their ideals being drowned out by the new world order. They are not asleep concerning Alice Bailey and her ten point charter, anyone who is familiar with the collective ideals of a free society written within the pages, must agree America has reached its fruition, whether you are for, or against the drastic change. In 1963,the Supreme Court declared school-sponsored Bible reading and recitation of the Lord’s Prayer unconstitutional, people were amazed that one small group of atheists could have such an impact, but did they? It is my gut feeling that the changes we have seen implemented in society were waiting in the back drop, and fell in place under the guise of citizens shouting for change. Africans have decided silence is deadly, and 4000 community members gathered to put their heads together and come up with a plan to help bring change. Under a theme: Moral Regeneration; they discussed the cause and effect of moral decay, their solution to the problem is to bring theology back into school, they urged Government leaders to seek spiritual counsel in decision-making, and to address the issue of satanism in public schools. In America there is no longer a platform to discuss such issues, it is my hope that the voice of these men will not fall on deaf ears, they may still have half a chance to bring some resolve, we may have lost our opportunity.


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