Children the new currency


This is a disturbing subject, one might assume these things only happen in foreign country’s who have few laws to protect children, but unfortunately it is right here in America. Instead of mother’s aborting their children,they are used to pay off debts, support drug habits, or for barter and trade, it leaves me to grapple with the lesser of two evils. After the worst case of child abuse in history,that lead to the death of Brianna Marie Lopez, petitioners and lawmakers joined together to inflict stiffer penalty’s involving child abuse, her mother is subsequently being released in September. We need the same passion to protect children from being used as merchandise.

Lee Kaplan of Pennsylvania, is facing sexual assault charges after police removed twelve girls from his home, ranging from 6 months to 18 years, the oldest girl is said to be the mother of two children. Where did Kaplan get these girls? their parents,Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus used them as payment to save their failing farm, claiming they had researched the legality’s on the internet. Unfortunately they did not run into statute 18 U.S. Code 2251A, that  states it is illegal to sell your children, or prostitute them for gain. After years of people in the town feeling something could be wrong at the Kaplan home, the neighbor  decided to report it to authorities.

Bobbie Stojic of Mississippi is being charged with attempting to sell her 4-month-old boy to a woman in Louisiana, who she met on Craigslist. After exchanging contacts,the woman offered to help Stojic who was facing eviction, instead the mother told her for $5,000,she could have the baby,he is now in child protective custody. Stojic could face charges under the state law of Mississippi that went into effect until 2009, making it illegal to sell your child.

Ronnie McCall, of Tennessee was given life in prison, for selling his 3 young daughters to a pornographer, his wife Bonnie received an 18 year sentence, since she helped prosecutors build a case against her husband. The judge presiding in the case, said it was one of the most horrific crimes he had ever seen, and agreed to a stiff penalty due to the nature of the crime, and the fact that McCall refused to admit that he had done anything wrong,allowing his daughters to be repeatedly raped while the buyer photographed the incidents. I wonder how many inmates will desire to shorten this man’s sentence..

Teresa Vanover of North Carolina, was given a 20 year sentence for prostituting her mentally disabled daughters to support a drug habit. In Court Vanover admitted to bringing her daughters along while she prostituted, and the girls were sold for 5 to 20 dollars each time. The men accused of paying for the minors, are also being lightly sentenced with  an average of five years, and will be required to report as a sex offender after parole. Judge Mike Duncan, said it was one of the worst cases ever presided in his ten years on the bench.

Dan Zampelli of Ohio, is being charged with prostituting her 11 year-old daughter. The woman took her daughter to several apartment complexes in their neighborhood and forced her to perform sex acts in exchange for money and drugs, this went on for over a year before the girl fled to Mexico with someone she thought could be trusted, only to be further prostituted, authorities now have the girl in care of a foster home.

These vile acts were reported this month alone,countless others go unreported. We can be a voice for innocent children who feel helpless in reporting abuse, or are too young to speak for themselves. Many have spoken to child protective services, only to find the case was unfounded under guidelines, this causes frustration, but in the end you have helped put them on alert.

I will leave you with one of the oldest statute on the book concerning this matter. Do not prostitute your daughter, to cause her to be defiled; or the land will fall in to whoredom, and become full of wickedness. Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, and sensuality.



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