America At A Crossroad..


America must decide if we are a nation under God, and preserve Christian Heritage. 

  Many know of Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, who has led countless crusades.  Franklin has set out to visit the capital of  50 states in America, during the Decision America Tour. Not only is he calling for repentance, but also for other Christians to take a stand and join him in prayer and support. He recently gathered in Montpelier Vermont, with thousands of like-minded Christians.

Our founding fathers declared America as a Christian nation, under God.. it is being systematically stamped out from the time they outlawed prayer in school, bearing it unconstitutional.  The “cannot’s” in America are quickly building.. God is not allowed in public prayer, and most certainly not the name of Jesus. You can not say God Bless to anyone in your place of employment. Christians have been told not to pray over their food in public restaurants, no religious T-shirts allowed in school, and no mention of God during graduation speeches, or when you are crowned valedictorian. The cross has been removed from public places, including churches and cemetery’s. Meet me at the pole has been under fire, and many schools have caved under the pressure simply to avoid negative response, or law suits. Oscar Rodriguez, a 33-year Air Force veteran, was bodily removed from a flag-folding ceremony, after being invited to speak by the man of honor. The crime Mr.Rodriguez committed was using the obscene words, God bless our flag. I can not list the number of cases where Christian business owners, or an employee has faced a law suit for not following the world’s current standard. Military rules have weeded out any trace of God, this will merely bring weakness. As we see in history, military strength and victory come from the hand of God. Athletes are told not to use the name of Jesus on the field, and definitely not on camera. Gifted men,like Tim Tebow are told to “brush up” their game, I believe if Tim was not outspoken about his faith, teams would be in line to sign him, but it is like a fire shut up in his bones! If we deny the Son of God before a wicked and adulterous generation, He will deny us before the Father. Kudos to Tim for placing his relationship with Jesus above the taskmasters, he will be blessed.

The over whelming verdict is this ” Jesus is offensive” and so is the age-old Christian family values that once made America a nation under God..History repeats itself and when the Apostles were dragged in front of the Sanhedrin, they were told to never use the name of Jesus in public again, or they would suffer from the court’s ruling. They took their flogging for punishment, but agreed they must obey God, rather than men. We see this in Country’s all over the world, believers are imprisoned,tortured and killed for speaking the name of Jesus.. Who ever imagined that there would be a day when Americans were only permitted to speak of Jesus behind closed doors at their local Church? This may seem exaggerated, but with the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the multitudes that support them, sniffing out any form of God to attack, it is not imposturous for me to believe that it will only escalate.

PS28647-960x641When naked statues of Presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared in three states around the country, people offended by the sight, were told the display is supported under the First Amendment. This same Amendment protects pornography, and every act  of ungodliness you can imagine. On the bright side, it also protects our right to proclaim our faith without being thrown into a prison work camp. Please take a stand for your faith, before it is too late. I am not condoning hate speech, or taking up arms, or promoting a candidate. I am merely asking Christians to stand in one accord when it comes to preserving our right to love God, and share that love with others. This right is given by God himself, and needs no permission.

If you would like to join Franklin and the team when he arrives in your state, please visit the link below.

Tour Dates

Please pray for protection for all who attend, and provision to carry it out.  Thank you 🙂

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