Cinderella Revised..



I do my best to live frugal, like Cinderella my cloths are hand me down.. well, my outer garments anyway.. I love to give like everyone else, but sometimes you have to rely on creativity instead of credit cards, or rich parents 🙂

For Christmas I decided to try some handmade gifts.. although the mice who strung Cinderella’s pearls seemed to be far more talented.. I gathered glass beads but they would not fit passed the eye of the needle! After poking the near invisible fishing line through each bead, I tested the unfailing fisherman’s knot.. I tugged to be sure of its strength..and the necklace snapped! God was trying to give me a lesson in patience as a virtue.. After collecting the beads that didn’t roll under furniture.. I set my mind to try again, and managed to make three, though the cross was slightly off center.. Then went on to crochet hats, although I tend to do more unraveling than crocheting..

I wanted a nice gift for my dear mother, and thought of a favorite pair of Totes boots she wore to church. Like the pumpkin chariot the boots vanished, I hope they found their way back to a church! After seeing the exact style, I ordered her size ( or so I thought) but they where to snug on her bunions.. Her sister had a chance to try them on, but no such luck.. For a happy ending, my sister slipped them on for a perfect fit! Although there was no handsome prince with the package, she really needed boots!  My mother and aunt loved their less than perfect necklace, and I learned a valuable lesson. 🙂

Philippians 4:6 ~ Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

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