Iganga Uganda Update

Good news coming out of Iganga Pregnancy Center !

Some woman become fearful when they are exspecting a child. Regardless of their age or marital status, many are told abortion is their best option.

Iganga offers hope and counseling to those who must face a decision, and need good guidance. Young woman are sent away from their home and feel rejected and confused, Iganga offers them hope. When married couples already have children,thy are advised by doctors that aborting is a means of child spacing. Iganga offers hope and counseling to couples, who would otherwise abort. At the center mothers are given the support they need to deliver and raise a child. They have the option to finish school or further their education, increasing their chances of good employment.

Two young woman from the Iganga Center, attended a training seminar. After a week of learning and fellowship, they resume Bible teaching to the children. Pastor David Kisaame, believes if you train up a child in the way they should go, it greatly helps the decisions they make in life. The Bible teaches the sanctity of life, and warns of the path that could lead to destruction. Teaching a child how special they are to God, and giving them love, is of great importance. Many children grow up in broken homes with no direction, feeling unloved by anyone except the friends who are leading them into poor choices. Iganga does not use condemnation, but does advise those who visit the center, that God has a plan for their life. Help and support are available, but the choice is ultimately theirs.

If you feel Iganga Pregnancy resource Center is worth supporting, please consider sharing the cause or make a donation  🙂

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