2016 Charity Statement


Jesus said we will have the poor with us always, and teaches we should reach out to them, especially our brothers and sisters in Him..

A year ago I started Pennies For Dreams to help needy family’s in Africa and India. Now I am here sharing the totals of donations and disbursements for the year. I would like to thank those who gave to such a great need. Three readers and the sisters from a prayer line I attend, helped to provide food,clothing, school supplies, and occasional sweets 🙂 to the India orphanage. They helped Andy of Uganda with food and mechanics training,and helped provide bus fare for Pastor David Kissamee who was willing to meet with Andy, to pray and offer some advice regarding his struggles. I have also been blessed to send a number of Bibles to Pastor Yatham of India who gives them to new converts. Pastor Madhu Bunga of India, also conducts outreach to the sick and poor. I have had little to assist him with. I was lead to create another blog site The Hope Of India, and pray others will find interest in his charity. Believe me when I say pastors in India think big! they always request boxes of Bibles and tracts to hand out. They are always in need of prayer since a number of Hindus become violent when Christians share the Gospel. Other Hindus are peaceful, and will accept a tract, or listen to what they have to say.. Praise God!

I ask that you please share Pennies For Dreams with friends and family. This year I have added Pastor David of the Iganga Center, it is my hope to build the charity and be a greater assistance to the needs of others.   The Bible teaches if we give to others in need, we will be blessed!  Luke 6:38 

Donations total 501.40 for the year 2016- We all thank you!

Amazon India orders total 545.07  these items were sent to the orphanage,there is no government aid, and they rely on outside donations. Also items for Pastor Yatham to assist in street outreach.

Western Union total for 2016 was 694.78  money sent to Andy of Uganda, the India orphanage, and Pastor David Kissame of Uganda.

Thank you for taking the time to read my charity update, and pray 2017 will be another  great year of giving! 🙂


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