Happy Birthday Andy!



March 13th,  Andy turned 25.. It does not seem possible that the shy scrawny boy I met at 14, is all grown up..

img-20160213-wa0000 Andy has many struggles in life.. But one of the worst is temptation to give up and believe nothing will change..

He needs encouragement, and tough love sometimes.. One day his ship will come in, and on it will be an employer. It brings me back to the time he wanted to become a fish monger.. and I had read horror stories of all the men who drown, because the boats were not maintained and many did not have life jackets.. Like an old mother hen I reminded him of the dangers he could face.. He didn’t get the job in the end.. he was discouraged, and I was relieved.

One may find it hard to believe that a young man like Andy would have trouble finding a job, but the truth is.. in Uganda labor jobs are not easy to come by. I spend a bit of time trying to link Andy to legitimate offers, and have found none.  There are plenty of false promises,con artist to prey on the desperate, and recruiters who require money you don’t have.

I pray for Andy to one day have a better life.. a place to call his own.. no more wandering to find a meal.. or getting mixed up in the wrong crowd.. I always remind him it is better to be poor and honest.. than to be rich and perverse in your ways..

If you are in the faith, I ask you say a prayer for Andy.. that he would grow in wisdom. That he would be lifted up out of discouragement, and look to the Lord for encouragement.

One thought on “Happy Birthday Andy!

  1. Brother Joseph says:


    You are in my prayers little brother. Listen to what the Woman of God says. Heed the warnings that come from her, she is speaking for God, she knows what she speaks, and she cares deeply for you. I do as well. One day, IF you keep the faith, God WILL move for you.

    Andy, if you had a child and he or she asked you for a cup of water, would you give that child poison? I don’t believe you would! God IS you Father..

    God is our Father, the creator of ALL things, and He cares for us WAY more than we care for anyone here on earth.

    God WILL give you what you ask, not poison. Just wait, be still, keep the faith, NEVER give in to the devil, who wants you to give up and believe nothing will ever change.

    Always remember, God’s timing is not our timing. He’s an on time God. When He answers, it will be the perfect time for Him, and for you.

    God bless you Andy


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