~India Update~ Lives Can Change!


I always enjoy receiving an update from the Rural Mobil Gospel Mission of India.

There are many who attempt to find peace in their current religion, or by their own means.. What comes to mind, and is proven throughout history.. To know peace is to know Jesus! The testimonies of new believers speaks for itself. I am thankful that they were reached through hearing the Gospel, and were given a Bible to strengthen their journey. In America it is easy to get a Bible, and some have multiple copies.. but in many country’s of the world, they are either forbidden, or new believers can not afford to obtain one. $3.00 can provide a Telugu Bible for those who are in need, and supplies are shorter than demand.. Please consider donating a Bible today, they are sent to Rural Mobil Gospel Mission.


Mission Response:

After hearing the Rural Mobil Gospel meeting, Raju decided to accept Jesus as his Savior. He let Christ into his heart and gave Him control of his life. The team taught him how to read the Bible and pray. He is now learning more about God through the discipleship classes. Got Bible

I was living life the way I wanted to, but I started to feel hopeless and depressed. After hearing the Rural Mobil gospel meeting .I realized the way I was living was filled with sorrow. I gave up my ways and decided to follow Jesus. Got Bible

After I heard the Rural Mobil gospel meeting when it was arranged in my village. I gave my life to God and am now a member of a local church. Even though I left my home, I have found hope and peace in Christ. Got Bible

I knew deep in my heart I did not take God seriously. When the Rural Mobil gospel meeting arranged in my town, I heard it that night. I was so moved when Jesus washed His disciple’s feet and told them to go and do this with others. Since I heard the Rural Mobil gospel meeting, I am training the young people in carpentry with love and respect, like Jesus showed his disciples. I want to live as Jesus lived. I attend church regularly and want to lead the people I work with to Jesus. Got Bible

Sometimes we fall away from Jesus and try to control our lives. I fell away from Jesus when life was very difficult. I fell back into temptation. When I heard the Rural Mobil gospel meeting, I was reminded when Jesus was at His lowest, in pain and suffering, He prayed to his Father in heaven for help. Now I feel peace in my life because I have given all my burdens to Jesus who cares for me. Got Bible

I Heard the Rural Mobil gospel meeting, I now understand Jesus loves me and died on the cross for me. I have accepted Christ as my personal Savior and want to follow Him for the rest of my life. I now feel very happy because I am no longer alone. God is with me. Got Bible

3 thoughts on “~India Update~ Lives Can Change!

  1. Living His Word says:

    You are truly appreciated and it is rare to find someone who serves out of God’s love
    To know peoples souls are saved is the highest joy


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