Uganda Church Attack~ Update

2 Corinthians 4:8-12

It is heartbreaking that mankind carries hatred toward others who are not of their faith. Through threats and violence they aim to convert or destroy churches, stop all forms of sharing the Gospel, and gathering in private homes for prayer meetings.

In January, Katira Church of Eastern Uganda suffered an attack. News Church Attack

After contacting Pastor Moses, he and the congregation is safe, and attempting to rebuild. In the news media, there were false reports as to why the church was attacked by Muslims, during an evening  prayer meeting.  News Link

Pastor Moses Mutasa, and the members are in prayer to receive the funds needed to complete the church repair. Church Trusting To Rebuild

I am thankful for the 25.00 donation I received for Pastor Moses, since my original post. Gathering with others can be great support for people living in country’s of poverty and violence. People of faith find strength in prayer, and enjoy worshiping together.

I received great advice from a fellow blogger, and contacted Voice Of The Martyrs to ask if they could help, but I received no response. It is my hope the church will be restored, and grow.

I am asking if you are a Christian that you pray for their rebuilding and protection. I also ask that if possible you donate to this cause, the estimated cost of church repair is far more than they can afford. I believe God can open hearts and minds to aid them in their effort. Please share with others who enjoy helping church plants, and rebuilding.

Thank you 🙂


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