Water Project Update!

                                  You can be a part of providing clean water !

As some may know, I have been attempting to provide an RO system to the orphanage in India..

Praveen has spoken to a water treatment specialist in their city, explaining their situation.  I have heard good news of their findings, the RO system that will remove total dissolved salts and contaminants, can be installed at the bore well.

NewThis home of love is a busy place, they have children who live with them, and they also aid neighborhood widows and their children.

They hold Sunday school classes, and help children with their schooling. When funds allow they help the less fortunate in their church community.

Why is this project on my heart? I believe it will be of benefit to the home, and others who gather. They will save on the cost of purchasing bottled water for drinking.

The system will remove much of the limescale, so Praveen’s wife and mother will save on scrubbing 🙂

The cost of this project: large water filters are between 8,000 and 10,000 rupees.

Because an RO system wastes a good amount of water, they will be saving the rejected water for bathing and cleaning.  A container will be needed to store the filtered water at a cost of 3,000 rupees. After  Installation charges, the total projected cost given is 15,000 rupees. In U.S. currency this totals $233.76

I am thankful for the dear lady who has donated to this project, and I am half way there!

I understand with finances, not all can give.. but please share this project with others.

Sharing is giving 🙂 




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