Water Project Update~India~

You can help provide clean water!

Many are blessed to have clean water, and I have been attempting to provide an RO water system for the children’s home in India.


Praveen has met with another water specialist in his city. He wanted to compare companies, and pricing. The man was very helpful in explaining options available. The RO system recommended would supply 20 Liters of drinking water they need daily. The cost of the system is 13,000 Rupees, that is just under 200.00. This water filter costs less than the original quote in my previous posts.

Praveen and his family have devoted so much to children through the years. Providing a home, and welcoming countless others to share a meal and Sunday school. Their heart of giving has always touched mine.

I am asking that we join hands, and make this happen!

 When I started my blog I believed people still collected pennies, and would donate them for good causes. I understand that many can not afford to give, but sharing this need with your friends or on social media, is giving.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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