A Time Of Reflection…


Miracles can happen.. if you only believe

Many of you may be spending Christmas alone,with an aching in your heart.. Others may be surrounded by friends and family they cherish. There are also many who will spend Christmas in a shelter, or in an abandoned building, until they are told to move on.. There are others who celebrate this holiday for the gifts and indulgences, others only dream of..

No matter your situation, this is a time to reflect on a life that could be.. A time to open your heart to others.. Many only seem to remember kindness at Christmas as part of their obligation to society.. We can learn kindness comes in all forms, and do not even require money. If you are estranged from your family because of some long-lasting quarrel, there is no better time than now to set aside grudges. A kind word turns away wrath, and it is a challenge to be humble.. but it is worth the outcome. Time is short and we can not make amends after they are gone..


I realize we do not know the true birth date of the babe born in a manger.. They gave Him the name Jesus.. Emmanuel “God with us”. I celebrate this day that is a matter of tradition among Christians, but each day celebrate His birth.ย  Some choose not to believe in the miracle of a babe born unto a virgin, who was chosen to save mankind from eternal destruction. If you open your heart, you will find that Jesus Christ will change your life.. He has never backed out of His promises.



Jesus can turn your lonely days into a time of peace, surely with Him you are never alone. He is a God of restoration, who can help you repair broken places in your life. You may feel you can never turn back to the bridges you have burned, but this is not so with Him.. He builds new bridges, paths, and roadways.. As long as there is time on earth, we can not waste a moment of our lives.ย There is hope for a brighter tomorrow, because miracles happen every day.. some credit chance, or the hand of man.. I believe behind every miracle is the mercy of a loving God who looks upon mankind..

No matter your situation, this is a time of reflection.. your life may be one of happy reflection, and you see a bright future ahead. Others may be broken-hearted, and dismayed,feeling they are only existing instead of living.. It is my hope that everyone will receive their miracle this Christmas.. The greatest Miracle of all the babe in a manger, who grew to a man of thirty-three, and gave His life for me.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚


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