Sylvester’s Story

Post by: Anna at A lawyers Prayers

A Lawyer's Prayers

Sylvester found himself in a situation often faced by the clients of Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia.  Though he had done nothing wrong, Sylvester was being sued and did not know what to do.  Without legal help, he could have lost his family’s home. The video above tells the full story.

Though I am not affiliated with Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia (and derive no benefit from donations), I was one of the group of Christian attorneys who founded the predecessor organization.

Thousands of hours of legal assistance have been provided to clients free of charge, in the years that have passed.  Attorneys volunteer their time in destitute areas of Philadelphia for the love of God and love of neighbor.

But Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia does more than just provide legal assistance.  Host organizations like the Salvation Army address the food, clothing, and shelter needs of clients.  All staff…

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