Smiles Across The Miles!


Update From India and Pakistan

I would like to thank those who give to the children, your help is greatly appreciated!

The children of India are back to school, and enjoy their studies. They do not have an iPhone or gaming consoles, so their time is spent forever learning and playing!

The weather in India has been threatening, dust storms, heavy rain, and wind. The children have been blessed without sickness so far.


Praveen and the family, have been helping children of widows, and making a difference! Educating and sharing Bible stories with them. Your help has enabled him to offer them snacks, soaps, and tooth brushes. This is something they truly enjoy receiving. When he is able, he also helps area widows who are in need. He would like to do more, but the home children must come first.

Jamil children

In Pakistan, Jamil is also caring for children who had no home. They are back to school, and in need of supplies, and clothing. Jamil rents a space to home school a number of children who are poor or orphans.

It is difficult in many country’s to care for children, because there is no government aid. There are government orphanages, but they lack the bonding and love that they can receive from having a home to call their own.

It is my hope that this children’s charity will grow.. I do not have the means for a charity coordinator, or methods used to grow. I ask that you share with friends and family who have an interest in children’s aid.  I appreciate the ladies who have been such a great help from the beginning. I pray you will be blessed for your cheerful giving.

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8 thoughts on “Smiles Across The Miles!

  1. Living His Word says:

    Awesome, well this is one that I was referring to. I’ll make sure to take care this tomorrow. I’m glad to hear they are doing well. God Bless you for your time and effort as well as obeying God’s Word. Bless you Mary 😉.


  2. Living His Word says:

    Just a thought you can go on Gofundme and begin asking for donations. I can help if you like and I will definitely share it on all my social sites. It would be something great to watch God work to provide for these children and widows. Let me know if you need help my friend.


  3. Mary Ann says:

    Thank you so much, I appreciate you 🙂
    I have tried Go Fund Me for the school in Sierra Leone.. I did not receive any donations..
    Maybe it is because I am not on social media platforms that are so popular..


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