Prophecy- Free Live stream Event!

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If you love prophecy, here is the opportunity to watch America’s top speakers discuss this topic. Lamb and Lion presents, God’s Prophetic Voices To America. Their ministry is offering free online streaming of this conference! July 13-14.

I have listened to Lamb and Lion for many years, and find them to be very informal and Biblically sound.

Jan Markell and Johnathan Cahn have great insight to what is happening in the world today, in view of  Bible Prophecy.

Speakers include

  • Johnathan Cahn
  • Dr. David Reagan
  • Billy Crone
  • Bill Koenig
  • Jan Markell
  • Dr. Robert Jeffress
  • Music by Southern Raised

This event is free to view, donations are accepted and appreciated if you choose.

To learn more about God’s Prophetic Voices Conference, see the link below and click on Details and Registration.  Generally your email address is required to sign up.

Are you ready for the return of Jesus Christ?


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