Another Infant Dies From Benadryl


Please sign the White House petition and spread the word!

I need 100,000 signatures in 30 days!

  My Petition

Two years ago I posted Infant Dies From Benadryl hoping that parents or caregivers would heed the warning.

Recently in Vermont a day care worker gave 6-month old Harper Rose Briar Diphenhydramine an active ingredient found in Benadryl.  Infants are dying because care givers want them to sleep, and give them medications. To many have used this product that clearly states it is not intended for children under 2-years old. To make matters worse after a child dies the one who administers the medication receives very little jail time, an average of 2 1/2 years. Irresponsible actions resulting in death should be considered man slaughter. I am asking that you please sign my petition and spread the word because I am not on Facebook. This need’s 100,000 signatures in 30 days or it is dead in the water.  Thank you so much for caring about children.


17 thoughts on “Another Infant Dies From Benadryl

    • Mary says:

      The register daycare provider needs to be jailed for a very long time!!.She knew the rules & regulations, before she was granted a license to operate a childcare. She had to pass courses before she became licensed ( pass the register daycare booklet).In the booklet – it said that NO DAYCARE PROVIDER IS ALLOWED TO GIVE A CHILD(S) MEDICATION – OVER THE COUNTER DRUGS without the parents authorize written note. In that note – it has to state how much the child(s) is to have & hours in between. Stacey is a 55 year old ADULT women that KNEW!!. All she wanted was the infant to sleep so she can have her sanity. Stacey knew & just thinks she’ll get her way with murder, which she better not!! #JusticeForHarperRose.. JAIL Stacey for years behind bars with no possibility of parole..

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      • Mary Ann says:

        I agree.. This happens all to often by parents and daycare providers. There have been a number of infant deaths due to sedation. It is more than neglect when you play with a child’s life.
        Thank you for your comment.


    • Mary Ann says:

      Yes it is heartbreaking.. I am hoping my petition will make it.. but I need 150 signatures before it appears on the White House web site for public view.. and 100,000 signatures in 30 days or it becomes void..
      Please rally behind the petition if you are interested. Thank you so much


  1. Mary Ann says:

    Hi Deborah Esther,
    Unfortunately the number of signatures required was not met and the petition closed.
    Thankfully our petitions before God are heard as we pray for the children around the world.
    Blessings to you and your ministry as well.


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