Why are there so many broken people among us?

Why are there so many broken people among us?
By Ron Whited: A Front Row View Of The Church

A Front Row View of The Church

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Doesn’t it seem to you that everywhere you turn there is another person whose life has been shattered by something? What used to be somewhat of a rarity in families has mushroomed into an epidemic of brokenness.

Broken promises and shattered dreams now litter the landscape like so much garbage, leaving in their wake legions of shattered, disillusioned people all trying to make sense of what has happened to them.

What happened to the Utopia promised to us by the elite class of scholars, politicians, and the like? All of them at one time or another have tried to serve up their own version of a Utopian life, one where hardships and troubles can be voted away, taught away, and dare I say…prayed away.

Whatever happened to those promises?

Instead of Utopia, countless people are left trying to survive in the jungle…

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