To Be A Mother


There are woman who long to be a mother but can not.. There are woman who are mothers but will not.. There are so many who do not give enough thought to the full time commitment of caring for a child. There are woman who provide to the best of their ability, love and nurture children until they leave the nest. Some woman devote their time in caring for those who do not have a nurturing home. Being a mother can be one of the greatest achievements in a woman’s life.

For some, Mothers Day can be a reminder of heartache for various reasons. When children reach the age of independence they may act as if they do not need you, but deep inside this is not true. They may wander afar and make many mistakes along the way, but they will always remember the love and care you provided at home. The prodigal son or daughter will one day realize that moms give the best advice. So to all the mothers in the world, who have given so much of their life to children. I hope you are cherished every day, not only on Mothers day! 🙂

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