Is it a happy 4th of July?


While America celebrates the 4th of July let us remember those who fought for our independence.

We could think of reasons why America makes us unhappy.. it seems everyone want’s a piece of the pie.. Open borders, unfettered abortion rights, universal basic income, reparations, and more recognition of the LGBTQ community. This is only one side of the coin, the list could be endless when describing what everyone wants..

There was a time when America was united,despite differences in opinion. Citizens joined together in some very desperate times to survive and remain free.. Society today is teaching us to fight each other if our views collide..

Traditional family values founded much of America and should not be filed under bigotry.. Just as Congress changed and shaped the very flag we fly in honor, society seeks to change and shape our values to fit their utopia.

God was once welcome in every facet of society and helped shape laws and values. Today God is welcome behind the doors of a church, or in humanitarian aid with stipulations. This God that is being pushed out teaches us to love, reason, and forgive.. We can see how society fairs without Him..

So in reality can everyone get what they want? No, we all have conflicting desires and can not coexist as the bumper sticker suggests. We can make an effort to care for one another while we dispute our differences civilly.   ~Micah 6:8


4 thoughts on “Is it a happy 4th of July?

  1. seekingdivineperspective says:

    “we all have conflicting desires and can not coexist as the bumper sticker suggests.” True.
    Your statement reminded me of a car I saw the other day that had two bumper stickers. One said “COEXIST,” the other said “RESIST.”
    We live in confusing times.

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