Armistice Day


We shall not forget the sacrifice for freedom

November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.” National Armistice Day unfortunately became Veterans Day as peace turned to following wars.

October 8th, President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared ” Veterans Day” yet it left people wondering why it was celebrated on October 25th. President Gerald Ford decided to change the date of celebration to November 11th, since it was a day of great significance to all Veterans.

As Americans who enjoy freedom, I believe we should never forget the cost. I am not referring to the monetary debt of fighting wars. Men and woman left home and family to fight for our freedom, and their lives were never the same.

Many returned home in a flag covered casket. Others return home leaving pieces of their soul behind. African Americans were once fighting two wars, since they served under a time of segregation. Harry Truman put an end to military segregation in 1948 and it was not until the 1950’s that full integration was implemented. Many African Americans should have received medals and honors, yet were never recognized.  I believe all Veterans deserve recognition for their service. A simple “thank you” is heartfelt.

Veterans paid the price for our freedom, and it is my hope that we continue to fight for them on every front. I would like to thank Veterans for their service, knowing that our freedom was not free.

17 thoughts on “Armistice Day

  1. charlypriest says:

    I haven’t read your comment yet, I see you saw the post I posted I don’t know how many years ago so you’re going to make me re read the damn thing to know what you are commenting about! Evil women…. 😉
    I´m a history buff, and specially like WW2 history, amongst a lot of other interests, so it was an interesting read. I saw a documentary about the “Buffalo soldiers” in the Korean War. It was a whole division I believe, all black soldiers and extremely racist white officers in charge. Believe it or not this Crazy Priest was once a soldier and younger, and deployed to two beautiful countries….great vacation. I recommend the Buffalo soldiers documentary, this specific company of soldiers had great acts of heroism, although it was not a great company as history has shown but not because of the soldiers and I know this first hand, if the officers in charge make bad decisions or don’t make decisions at all, soldiers by nature will slack off, and instead of being alert after walking hours upon hours in the extreme weather be it heat or cold, when they officer says stop and doesn’t give orders as to who is to go where and who is to rest for a bit and then rotate by nature soldiers are just going to drop to the ground and believe it or not even knowing we are in very hostile country, we will go to nap or crack dark jokes whatever it is to keep the mind occupied and forget the constant hyped up adrenaline, so we do slack as all soldiers through out history when they don’t have good officers. Fortunately we did, not our Liutenant but a great Seargent named “The Bull” which to this day when I see one of the other guys almost 15 years later of the events we still wonder if that was his real last name or was it just a nickname, fun man, best NCO in charge of our platoon any other platoon our company had.
    Going back to your history it translates to….nothing really now that I think about it. Actually yes, black soldiers… I don’t know how mad these guys must have been, putting your life in danger for a country that considers you a second class citizen. Has to make you mad.
    I was in the Spanish Legion, We started our democracy experience in 1975 after our cool fascist dictator Franco died. And he won the Spanish civil war in the mid 30´s thanks to the Legion. So here in Spain half the half of the population doesn’t know they have an army and if they do they think we are some kind of NGO as the socialist party wants them to believe and the other half really don’t care. So we are use to not getting a pat on the back, or parades or nothing when we return. In once of the Spanish bases I was in, they actually told us to not go outside the base wearing the uniform, and to go out in pairs. Quite a lot of fights with the communist kids. So for us Spanish soldiers the “thank you for your service” is foreign to us. We wanted to go, I was infantry in the best unit the Spanish army had to offer, and with the best nutcases of soldiers (might include myself) protecting me and each other. That’s good enough. Just a job.
    Unfortunately for those black soldiers they were conscripts, I would have committed a small burglary to go to jail instead of fighting for a country that lynches me. Might be safer jail time. But now, lets know the. past but see the today and the future black, white, whatever color who serves in the U.S specially are all equal. Obviously there will be incidents of racism like in Spain, and other western countries but that is not now the norm. Fortunately. Sorry for the long comment. Interesting blog you have. I´ll go now to respond to your comment.

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    • Mary Ann says:

      Thank you for the bit of history!
      I like history too, and I will look up the documentary about the Buffalo Soldiers.
      I did not know that Spain did not appreciate their soldiers.
      It is wonderful that you had a bond with your fellow infantry, and lived to tell about it 🙂

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      • charlypriest says:

        You said it, lived. 3 of them didn’t.
        Spain just don’t care mostly about their soldiers, they mostly see the military as a threat hence why the socialist party makes people believe we are some kind of NGO.
        Take a look at that documentary, it´s your history, thanks to guys like that you wouldn’t live the life you live now.

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    • Pete says:

      Those Buffalo Soldiers were caught by their own chiefs & tribes, their huts & fields burned, their cattle slaughtered – and if they dared to escape, their own tribesmen would kill their youngest siblings first. They were brutally sold into slavery by their own, the utmost betrayal. They then fought for a country that had been treating them better, sad as it was. I honour them and cry for the brutality of a heartless humanity. It is as shocking as seeing a lion kill a newborn springbok lamb.

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      • charlypriest says:

        Jeeesus….Here in Spain is Friday next to Sunday which is my suicede day. (I had to rhyme) Jeeeesus…. her in Spain is 10.50 a.m I woke to your comment, you are right by the way, and truly apprciate you taking the time to comment.
        It is Friday, so I´m going my party way. Give me a joke, how about that, I do know the history and by the way thank you for reminding me, but my guess if I talk all this with women in the bar they are going to get bored to death (not me though, but I´m not all that dumb), so what is the best “pick up” question you can recomend me.


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