India in crisis from second wave

My beloved friends of India have not complained about their government.
Here in America people banned together to ensure no one went hungry,and all received aid.
The aid they received in India pales in comparison,giving us far more reason to feel blessed.

During a 21 day lock down India’s poorest received under $7 widows received $13.
Those with ration cards were given 5Kg of rice, 1Kg of pulses, and gas cylinders.
There are no food shelves, or soup kitchens to visit, and no welfare system.
Seniors receive less than $5 a month, under their version of social security.

My friends have been very careful not to contract the virus, but they have lost loved ones.
When the first cases were detected there was a strict lock down that did not allow time for planning.
Migrant workers were stranded in their locations with no way home to their family.
They were expected to gather enough food to survive and shelter in place until the government said so.
After the lock down was lifted restrictions became so lax that over 20,000 gathered at the Hindu Temple.
Large gatherings were allowed for certain groups, while restricted for others.

Now the second wave of Covid has hit, leaving hospitals and crematoriums devastated.
Top scientist had detected the new variant in April, and warned restrictions should be made.

Prime Minister Modi,eventually decided to lock down certain community’s by then it was to late.
Journalist face confiscation of their devices if they speak out about the governments policy’s.
Now they rely on dire aid as the hospitals are full and they lack life saving supplies.
India is now reporting over 300,000 infections daily, and 200,00 deaths this week alone.

Citizens of India out of kindness volunteer their efforts to help those suffering from the virus.
When one man ran out of funds to donate oxygen tanks, he sold his vehicle to buy more.
Others are searching for hospitals with openings for those who are critical.
It is heartbreaking to read of the devastation that surrounds them, in hope that aid will make a difference.

I am thankful to send masks, hand sanitizer, and food items, to a handful of people.
With a country that holds over 1 Billion that is a grain of sand…
But If everyone who was able would add a grain of sand, together they will fill a bucket.

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