A glimmer of hope for Ukrainians

As people around the world see only bad news and devistaion, their hate for Russian soldiers builds. In an effort to find some good news coming out of Ukraine, I would like to share this with you.

I have seen Russian soldiers telling the citizens, they are not at war with civilians, and I have seen Russian soldiers bringing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. This leaves me to believe we are only seeing one side of the story, or selective news. For anyone abroad with family in Ukraine this can cause increased anxiety and add to the feeling of dread they are already experiencing. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who are facing danger and unrest..



6 thoughts on “A glimmer of hope for Ukrainians

  1. anonimix says:

    Putin went to war with civilians dressed as soldiers. Two weeks prior to the invasion, some were laying bricks, counting beans, planting potatoes or distilling vodka. Then, they were forcibly conscripted.

    They didn’t even know they were going to war, they thought they were going on training manoeuvres. As a military veteran myself, for once I have sympathy for them. Their ruler I call Vlad the Impaler, a soulles, brutal communist. San Francisco, take note…..

    Russian soldiers join Ukrainian army, or go AWOL, or sit in a heap and cry. I now understand why South Africa made them flee like rats at Cassinga, and the typical communist propaganda, lies and denials followed. They even claimed victory despite the facts of that horrific battle.

    Don’t be hard on the Russian boys. They never wanted war, but focus your incessant prayers on Putin, that God remove him. However, do read Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.

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    • Mary Ann says:

      Thank you for the history.
      I agree prophecy is unfolding rather quickly, setting up Ezekiel 38-39..
      Israel as promised, is flourishing like never before. Abundance of produce is exported.
      Rabbi Yehuda Glick, found gold under Mount Eilat worth billions. Carrion birds have been gathering in number for some time. There is a pastor who studies prophecy, and he feels when there is a global food shortage, Russia and Turkey will go in to plunder their goods.

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      • dindingwe says:

        Moments ago, one of those elitist academics moderated one of my replies because I dared mention the Bible. So, he as a learned man, rejects a set of books which, by now, saw 80% of its predictions fulfilled. To the nut brained, spoon fed academic, 2000/2500 isn’t convincing. War is not the worst tragedy, as the greatest humanitarian disaster is our global education system. Thomas Sowell rightfully stated that people get taught stupid.


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