Meet Wasike of Uganda






Wasike has been taking in orphans for many years, with a great heart for those who live on the streets. Most of the children have lost their parents from disease, the others were abandoned. He earns a meager wage as a cleaner in Tororo, but it is an honest living. It is his dream to have a better home for the children, it is a daily struggle to provide all that is needed, and there are no social welfare programs. Your much-needed donation could make a difference in the lives of many.

  • Together we can help fund the building of a home large enough for the children.
  • provide solar lighting for the home.
  • Provide a supplement for food and clothing for the children.

~Meet the beautiful children~


Wasike has been trying to build rooms for the older children, he does not have the income to buy all the materials at once, so he keeps working at it. They truly need our help.

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