Some will call good.. evil


Jesus Feeds 5,000, Middleton Wisconsin Mom’s feed 500, and are being told they must “packup” and stop having their weekly meetings at  Fireman’s Park with local High School students, who voluntarily gather for a free lunch, and discuss the Bible..

As the event grew to a crowd of 500, Principal Steve Plank  informed the parents involved that this practice violates school and district policy. The student’s who attend each week, look forward to what some call “Jesus Lunch” but it is creating a stir among those who feel the parents are proselytizing on school property. The parents who started the event in 2014, were having lunch with their own children,and began bringing extra bagged lunches for other students who wanted to join them. Some less friendly voices claim they are luring kids with free food so that they can talk about Jesus,in this day and age,could you actually bribe a teenager with a sandwich?

Steve Plank assures the parents who started this event that it is not being opposed based on the religious nature,but that it violates school policy of organized events, and food safety.

I understand the pressure on the school to follow policy,and deal with any backlash from disgruntled parents who feel religion has no place in education. When you consider all across the United States,there are reports of students during break using drugs, fighting, and engaging in prostitution.. it  should cause you to ask if there is really any harm in gathering with some students who make their own decision to join in and talk about Jesus.. Possibly the answer to end the strife  would be to elect some students to take over the event and go through the steps to have it approved through the school board.



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