About The Cause


 Pennies For Dreams, is about helping others to become self sustainable.

These poor family’s have ideas, and talents they could use to make a better living, yet lack the finances.

There are countless charities and you may be asking, what makes this one any different?

The truth is, we know the family’s, and I have contacted registered charities in their area who have funding, asking if they could assist, with no response. My only hope seemed to be in asking others to help.

The family’s I share have all shown a genuine proof of need.

They appreciate each gift, and send pictures of what they have accomplished.

The family’s have very little, yet help others as you will see, they take in orphans, help widows, or share a meal.. They are truly tender hearts who live in impoverished areas of Uganda, India, and help to change villages in Sierra Leone.

Please read about each family, and decide if you would like to give, and I will be responsible to deliver the funds to the cause you choose. All funds go to the family, there is a standard fee for using Western Union, this will be the only deduction.

If you would like to include your name with the gift, I will share it with the family.

If we all give a little it will make a difference!

Subscribe for updates, so that you can see what is being accomplished, and also build trust in the charity.

Thank You so much