Kill The Thoughts Not Yourself


How To Defeat Distress And Find Peace

All around us perfectly healthy people are dying, and the culprit is stress.

The national suicide rate is climbing during the Covid-19 outbreak. Some are taking family members on their death march, as murder-suicide is also on the rise.

You do not need to be a victim of your thoughts, you need to be the victor!

It seems money is a big concern at this time, but allow me to assure you that millionaires were made during the Great Depression. Help is available for the recently unemployed, and businesses that would otherwise fold. Mortgage lenders are willing to refinance or suspend foreclosures, evictions have been suspended. If you feel you have nothing to live for because you risk loosing your fortune, you must look at what your life is truly worth. I know it is easy for me to say, because I have no fortune to loose. But rich or poor I know that you can not find anything in this world more precious than life.

If you are having thoughts of suicide it is not a sign of weakness to reach out for help. There are times you will see no way out of the mess you are in, because you can not see tomorrow.. How many people have ended their life for temporary problems that could soon be remedied?

Life is one of the hardest battles we will face, changes come and nothing is assured. If you are battling with your thoughts of the future, here are some steps you can take.

First, turn off the news! it is a constant overkill of negativity and despair.

Write a note to yourself penning your biggest fears at this point.. If it is finances, take the steps to research your options. If it is the stock market woes, consider a specialist who can advise you how to recover your assets in time. This article gives you tips on how to invest during a down fall. If you own a business, take the steps to apply for the business relief loan. Contact the Small Business Association in your state to see how they are handling the process. Take the time to list the material items you could sell after the woes are over. There are many people who were once Millionaires and lost everything, yet still found a glimmer of hope.. Musicians and movie stars that went from riches to rags, settled in to a new life despite uncomfortable changes. It can happen if you allow it!

Are you afraid of contacting the virus? make a list of proven ways you can protect yourself and others. Avoid social media that is laden with bad news, or anything that enhances your fears. There are many stories of people who contracted the virus and survived. I only go out for food, and take all the precautions, including washing my groceries!

Without knowing your greatest fears I can not compile an exhaustive list. I can only offer you a ray of hope, by assuring you that we can cope, if we change our way of thinking. Reach out to those who care, call a friend who is known to cheer you up. If you can not reach a friend, the National Suicide Hotline is there 24/7 to help. 1800- 273- 8255. Listening to soothing music can help turn off those excessive thoughts that keep churning in your mind..

I am one who feels that peace can be found in Jesus Christ. He believed your life was worth more than anything the world contained, so He gave His life for yours. There is hope for any situation if you allow Him to work in your life. The rich and famous have confessed that despite their fame and fortune, they are empty inside. How could this be? We were created to have a connection to the Creator, and when that connection is void, He does not force His way in. Like the man knocking at your door, if you do not answer he remains outside, unable to reach you. I realize this seems like rubbish to those who do not believe in the after life, or God’s existence.. It is still my hope that you find peace through this storm, and realize that survival is not only for the fittest.. it is also for the weak who can gather strength from others who care.



10 thoughts on “Kill The Thoughts Not Yourself

  1. RJ Dawson says:

    Thank you Mary Ann. This is such an excellent post. The pure ministry you offer here is evidence of a pure heart toward others and a loving willingness to help and provide relief. The Lord always went to others to provide help and spiritual strength rather than remain stationary and demand we go to Him. Though souls are hungry for truth and God’s love they often don’t know where to go or how to find God. But if they search the Lord will find them.

    I also encourage everyone reading this that whoever puts his or her hope in the Lord Jesus, even if said hope is small and possibly born of desperation, it will always lead to help and salvation. The Lord is faithful.

    Of course, He works through people and encourages through ministers of the Gospel like yourself, Mary Ann. Keep up the great work. Blessings to you.

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  2. alaskamanspeaks says:

    Jesus was a Cool Dude, had the right message for humanity, and what happened to Him? They nailed him to a Cross, and He’s still hanging there today, walk into any church and what do you see? Christ, nailed to that Cross…..His Message Lost, Greed rules this Earth now, it is the Almighty Dollar$$$$$ who leads the way, it is like the gold miner, who finds a big nugget, and then spends the rest of his life looking for another nugget, meanwhile, life has passed him by, You would think a man with 120 billion bucks would see fit to send one of those billions to his local food pantry, but NO! I need MORE $$$$$, and then he dies, what is waiting for him on the other side? “To die Rich, is to have lived in Vain” J. Krishnamurti…..


    • Mary Ann says:

      Yes, I do not care for the crosses that still have Jesus nailed to them either..
      Jesus was taken from the cross and placed in a tomb, where he arose and was among the living!
      The Gospels of Luke and John record just how living Jesus was.. He is alive! and now sits at the right hand of the Father.
      Jesus wanted no part of greed, yet greed caused the pharisees to conspire His death..
      They could not risk having so many follow Jesus, because they held the Temple bank account..
      Jesus taught if you have two coats, give one away.. and he who has meat do likewise..
      Amen, for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and loose his own soul ? Mark 8:36


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