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I can recall a few years back, when a Texas couple was denied the right to name their baby “Messiah” in the end they had their way, although I was surprised anyone debated the issue.. His name is misused every day by the masses.. but- on to the story..

A couple from Cincinnati, Ohio are being investigated by Child Protective Services after naming their twins, D**do, and Buttplug!. I can not vouch this is on their birth certificate, although I could not fathom it would be legal. The investigation was sparked when the couple went to buy a birthday cake, and the bakery refused to craft the names of their children in icing.. I wonder if their will be a lawsuit?. The couple stated they have done nothing wrong, and are angry for being investigated. This is not the first time a Raelian has been looked into by authority’s. The parents in question are members of a religion called Raelianism,who are known to publicly display their sexuality. They claim the allegations are clear attacks against their freedom of religion,stating the government has no right to tell them how they should live their sexuality,and the government agents are just jealous because they do not have a sex life. The head of Public Relations Tim Mckenzie,says the investigation is not related to the couple’s faith or the names, it is about “sexually misappropriate behavior”.

For those who are not familiar with Raelianism, I would like to speak the truth in love, I do not claim to be an expert,but this is my best stab at it. They are being misguided by the doctrine of demons.

Raelism is a UFO religion,that was founded in the seventy’s by Claude Vorilhon, known to followers as Rael, members of the group are Raelians. It is their belief that life on earth was created by aliens who they call “Elohim” the true messengers, disguised as prophets such as Moses, Jesus, and Buddha. According to their leader, he received the final word from the Elohim. If we are peaceful enough,they wish for us to follow them.

The Raelian Church has seven levels of “enlightenment” and in order to be a member you must renounce any traditional forms of religion.. They strive for world peace, and sexual freedom. This is the main reason they attract so many new members,including those who have walked away from Christian faith to join the cult.

The leader Rael owned the company Clonaid, and announced that in 2002 they performed a cloning procedure which lead to the birth of a daughter named Eve, although many did not believe the account. Their symbol of peace is the swastika,which they claim has been misrepresented. None the less, it has kept them from being excepted by the Jews,for good reason,as they attempted to build an embassy or”third temple”to the extraterrestrials outside Jerusalem.

They do not believe that one should restrict sexuality. Members of the Raëlian Church visit public settings advocating sexual freedom, the only expression they frown upon is pedophilia. They often organize gatherings that draw in the sexually adventurous guests, using bracelets of various colors to indicate their sexual preference.

The religion has grown world-wide, and not surprising, it enables a person to have faith in “something” without self-restraint, like a utopia of sexual freedom. Raelians raise a voice in world matters, as they often protest for what they believe in, world peace, pro GMO, pro-choice,and human cloning. They go overboard to shock the crowd and gain attention, just as the couple from Ohio.

It is my belief that Raelianism, is simply satan counterfeiting creation,mixed with the doctrine of demons.The group believes that Jesus and the prophets were aliens, and our DNA is being recorded by Elohim, so we can be reincarnated in the end of days,when the Elohim come back to judge mankind. Who truly benefits by creating such beliefs, and gathering multitudes to follow?  Claude Vorilhon, a.k.a. Rael, who receives large sums of money through tithes, and donations from cloning enthusiasts. The ex-wife of Vorilhon, claims his sexual freedom damaged their children from an early age, I believe the life style of any parent directly effects their children, so therefore the government has every right to question if this couple from Ohio, is adversely effecting their twins, even if they are only doing it out of jealousy!

6 thoughts on “Strange Religion…

  1. thoughtcascadeblog says:

    Wow! Never heard of it before now … but why would you do that to a child … they need to have psychological evaluations … reminds me of “drink the koolaide” kinds of cults.


  2. mukhamani says:

    Thank you for sharing, everyday we learn something new and realise there is so much we do not know. It was good to read your posts. There are so many we can help but i is not possible. But in our place we try to help in our own way. Regards and all the best.

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