~Black Seed Oil~ Amazing Results!


Nigella Sativa: Beauty is cherished for its healing properties

Nigella Sativa also called Kalonji or Black Seed, has been cherished for centuries for its usefulness.It is mentioned in the Bible by Isiah(28:25-27) and other ancient texts.

Being praised as a cure for many ailments,the seeds are eaten or pressed into oil for medicinal use.This may be why it has been named the Blessed Seed


In India there are many poor who can not afford modern medicine.  New studies have shown that Nigella Sativa oil was very effective in aiding those who suffer from HIV.

nigella-216510_640The study, published in the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine, showed the results of treating a patient with Nigella Sativa oil.

The study shows that a man sought treatment with an herbalist, not only was the oil effective in treating the symptoms of HIV, but the patient seemed to go into remission.

The patient was given 10 mls ( 2 teaspoons) twice a day for 6 months. He was contacted daily to monitor side-effects and results. Within 20 days his symptoms of the disease had ended. After 187 days of using the oil his HIV blood tests were negative. When therapy had ended he repeated the blood test after 24-months, this was also HIV negative.

Why is this so exiting? Many people around the world die from this disease, modern medicine is very costly, and only lessons the disease. Pastor Madhu Bunga attempts to give support to those suffering from HIV throughout the streets of India. It has been said that the purest Nigella Sativa can be found there, this may be an answer from God above.

If you know of someone who is suffering from this disease, please let them know that they can explore what this amazing oil can offer. When in search of this oil, it is important that the product is certified Nigella Sativa oil, since others labeled  Black Seed Oil,  are not all the same purity. Many companies sell their oil online, including India.

I can not diagnose or recommend treatment for  any specific disease, this article is for informational purpose only.

9 thoughts on “~Black Seed Oil~ Amazing Results!

  1. ropheka says:

    I have been a natural pathic practitioner for over thirty years and know full well herbal benefits.

    My family has come around and now uses it.

    It came in very handy caring for sick and injured co- workers when tree planting two hundred miles in the bush, when a medical missionary in Mexico and being a teacher in China.


    • Mary Ann says:

      A store called Prof Bioresearch.
      You may also find it at any natural health shop that sells vitamins and herbs.
      Please be sure to ask questions regarding side effects.. ect..


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