The Language Of Love

heart-534793_640There is one language anyone can understand..

Imagine being a polyglot, you could travel without hiring a translator, watch a movie with subtitles off, and read a foreign novel with ease. There are many beautiful languages in the world and some make it their passion to learn them.

Rojas-Berscia is a hyperpolyglot, who speaks twenty-two languages, and is on a quest to learn more. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, speaks eight languages, and has gained attention for his ability to converse with the crowd. However I am more like Ursula in Ladies In Lavender, when trying to speak Polish, puppy dog was on the dinner menu.

Although I speak English, I have found anyone can understand the language of love. A soft smile, warm handshake, and a peaceful spirit can be translated by anyone.

Trade A Coffee Day!

It’s Trade A Coffee Day Here At Pennies For Dreams!


We love our morning coffee on the go, no matter your weakness. Double shot espresso, skinny mocha late, or the simple black. I am asking everyone who loves coffee as much as I do, trade coffee for a day and donate it here!

Christmas is around the corner and I truly need your help in providing gifts to the children’s home in India, and the children’s school in Pakistan.

So lets get together and BYO for a day in order to bring joy to a child this Christmas!

If you would like to gift the family’s directly, please contact me and I will tell you how.

Your help is appreciated, and please share this post with your coffee loving friends. 🙂

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Baby Buried Alive Update!


Although the baby girl found buried alive in India has not been named, I choose to call her Karuṇa Daya since mercy seemed so fitting. Karuṇa Daya was born premature, weighing just over two pounds and battling sepsis, among other serious conditions. 

Doctors are amazed that she is now thriving and awaiting adoption. Rajesh Kumar Mishra a local politician, paid her medical care. Rajesh and his wife have said they will be adopting her after the legal waiting period.

I feel this is a miracle from God, others say it was a twist of fate.. I only know the chances of being found in a rural cemetery within a short time of death are pretty slim.. and the act of kindness from Rajesh Kumar Mishra, provided the NICU she needed.

The parents have not been discovered, but I am sure they are also amazed. The baby girl just discarded, now is being loved and nurtured.

[1] Doctors Are Amazed

Armistice Day


We shall not forget the sacrifice for freedom

November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.” National Armistice Day unfortunately became Veterans Day as peace turned to following wars.

October 8th, President Dwight D. Eisenhower declared ” Veterans Day” yet it left people wondering why it was celebrated on October 25th. President Gerald Ford decided to change the date of celebration to November 11th, since it was a day of great significance to all Veterans.

As Americans who enjoy freedom, I believe we should never forget the cost. I am not referring to the monetary debt of fighting wars. Men and woman left home and family to fight for our freedom, and their lives were never the same.

Many returned home in a flag covered casket. Others return home leaving pieces of their soul behind. African Americans were once fighting two wars, since they served under a time of segregation. Harry Truman put an end to military segregation in 1948 and it was not until the 1950’s that full integration was implemented. Many African Americans should have received medals and honors, yet were never recognized.  I believe all Veterans deserve recognition for their service. A simple “thank you” is heartfelt.

Veterans paid the price for our freedom, and it is my hope that we continue to fight for them on every front. I would like to thank Veterans for their service, knowing that our freedom was not free.

Would you like to help flood Victims ?


Readers will know of my heart for India, and for Praveen and his family. The children’s home and church needs leave them without the spare funds to help others.

After local storms have brought so much loss to the poor, Praveen would like to help those in his area recover after the flooding of the West Godavari River left so many homeless. Can we join from across the miles to make this wish come true?

If you would like to give please type India Flood in the PayPal memo.. If you would like to share the need, we appreciate any effort.

Please know that every penny will go to Praveen toward the effort.

Thank you 🙂


Baby Found Alive!


Couple rescues infant buried alive!

One family’s mourning turned into a true blessing while they were intending to lay their own child to rest. When starting to dig a grave at an isolated cemetery, the couple heard crying from within the earth. They continued digging approximately three feet and discovered a newborn buried in a clay pot. The unnamed baby girl is approximately 4-days old, and weighed just over 3 pounds. The local hospital in Uttar Pradesh is caring for the infant who is now in ICU, suffering from respiratory issues.

An investigation is ongoing to locate the parents who face charges of abandoning the infant with intent to murder.

I pray this child, I will name Karuṇa Daya,( meaning mercy) will survive and be surrounded with love. This is a true miracle among the thorns of sorrow.

India is among one of the several country’s who treat girls with inequality. It is unknown if this is the reason Karuna Daya was left to die. This is yet another reason I have a heart for the orphanages of  India who care for the abandoned and cast out..

[1] Infant found buried alive in Indian cemetery


Racism For Dummies


When will hate cease and love begin? We are all created equal and everyone has talents and treasures to offer. I am so thankful this world was not created to include only one race.. This picture sums it up in an eggshell 🙂


Raceism For Dummies

Photo Source : Jimmy Robertson. At Christ City On A Hill, South Africa
Via~ LinkedIn

Are Safe Havens Working?


Despite Safe Haven laws in all 50 states infants are dying

If you need help please call 1-888-510-BABY

I cringe at reality.. In my imaginary world woman caress their baby bump anxiously awaiting their child to love, nurture and protect.

You may have seen the story of baby India, she was found in the woods wrapped in a plastic bag left to die. If it were not for God leading the Ragatz family to investigate the sounds they heard, baby India would not have survived. India is now thriving with her Foster family and thousands have expressed their yearning to adopt her. Other’s have chimed that they would like sheriff’s deputy Terry Roper to adopt baby India for his actions during her rescue. The mother of India is unknown and remains under investigation.

Marylinn Feher, 22 of Wisconsin told investigators that she strangled her infant son because she did not want him. Millions of people are on a waiting list that wanted him, but did not have the opportunity.

Hiralbahen Bhavsar of New Jersey stabbed her daughter to death the baby was five days old. It is possible that Hiralbahen was suffering from Postpartum Depression for which help is available.

A couple from California strangled their newborn infant immediately after his birth.

These heartbreaking stories are only a few of many that could be prevented if only the woman involved would take a moment to consider the life of their child.

Safe Haven laws are for mothers who deliver their babies outside of a hospital in order to dispose of them, or decide at a later time they do not want them. Infants are still being murdered despite these laws, so it leaves me to wonder if woman are aware, or are they ignoring them. Safe Haven laws state that a woman can bring their infant to a designated place and they will not face arrest or be held to questioning IF their child is not harmed. The infant will be in foster care until adoption takes place.

I ask that anyone on social media would share Safe Haven Laws to make more people aware that they have an option that will save the life of a child, and their own.

Please share the link or the number to the Safe Haven Directory. Safe Haven All 50 States.


[1] Ragatz Family

[2] Terry Roper

[3] Marylinn Feher

[4] Hiralbahen Bhavsar

[5] Calfornia couple strangle infant after his birth

[6] Safe Haven

Is it a happy 4th of July?


While America celebrates the 4th of July let us remember those who fought for our independence.

We could think of reasons why America makes us unhappy.. it seems everyone want’s a piece of the pie.. Open borders, unfettered abortion rights, universal basic income, reparations, and more recognition of the LGBTQ community. This is only one side of the coin, the list could be endless when describing what everyone wants..

There was a time when America was united,despite differences in opinion. Citizens joined together in some very desperate times to survive and remain free.. Society today is teaching us to fight each other if our views collide..

Traditional family values founded much of America and should not be filed under bigotry.. Just as Congress changed and shaped the very flag we fly in honor, society seeks to change and shape our values to fit their utopia.

God was once welcome in every facet of society and helped shape laws and values. Today God is welcome behind the doors of a church, or in humanitarian aid with stipulations. This God that is being pushed out teaches us to love, reason, and forgive.. We can see how society fairs without Him..

So in reality can everyone get what they want? No, we all have conflicting desires and can not coexist as the bumper sticker suggests. We can make an effort to care for one another while we dispute our differences civilly.   ~Micah 6:8


Dumpster Babies


I do not enjoy sharing disturbing news, yet do so in hope that someone who is facing a difficult situation may find help before it is to late.

At first glance Karla Antimo of Chicago was a hero, she stated to have heard a baby crying which lead her to trashcan. Laying on top of a trashcan in alley was a precious baby boy, only hours old with his umbilical cord still attached. Karla saved the babies life by rushing him to a near-by fire station. The baby was resuscitated by firefighters and is now in stable condition. After further investigation it was revealed that Karla was actually the grandmother of the infant and is now charged with false reports.

If it were not for Karla’s actions the baby would not have survived. The father of the baby informed Karla what took place and she went to rescue the baby, hiding the details. The parents will be charged as juveniles with first-degree attempted murder. This is a very sad case of a desperate situation getting out of hand. The babies mother is an honor roll student who now faces a prison term.

The Illinois Fire Department made a statement pleading with anyone in a desperate situation with an infant to come in. The baby boy was the first case since their Safe Haven laws took effect.  Every state has implemented Safe Haven laws to help put an end to the many cases of infants being left to die in dumpsters. Anyone can bring an infant up to one month old to their local fire department, police station, or hospital with no questions asked. The baby will be safe and the parent will be free from any charges.

The National Safe Haven Alliance is a 24 hour hotline that will help anyone in need of assistance to locate a Safe Haven in their area. They are also there to answer any questions one may have about the program.

If you are in need just call 1-888-510-BABY National Safe Haven Alliance