Smile’s All Around!


You may not think a toothbrush and paste sound like an exiting gift, but for the children of India, it brings a SMILE!


7Praveen and his family are thankful for a special day. Over 50 children gathered for food and fun!

Investing in a child has many rewards. Praveen and his family take in children who have no home, but also reach out to children of widows, and the poor.


Children are the reason I started a charity blog, and hope to one day help more in need.  Showing a child they are loved, and encouraging them to achieve their dreams, can make a difference in their life.

1I thank those who have joined me in helping Praveen and his family.  🙂








A Time To Celebrate!


The children of India and Pakistan will not awaken to baskets full of candy and toys, indulging in chocolate marshmallow bunny’s and colored eggs.. They will share the day with family, and the less fortunate.. Celebrating the life of Jesus, in country’s where their belief is not welcomed.. They gather what they have to share with others who walk to their home and enjoy a Resurrection Sunday meal.

There will be singing, and sharing a word of hope with many who had nothing to bring.. Children and widows who have no means of support are welcomed and made to feel like one of the family. In a world where they are considered outcasts, they gather in His name, and welcome the heavy-hearted, and those who have much burden. It is a time of rejoicing, and counting of blessings, and the candy and toy’s are traded for so much more..

You may celebrate in your own way, but no matter how you gather, I hope it is a day filled with love and great joy. I see my friends with so little, how they find enough peace and joy to share with so many.. and it makes my heart smile.  🙂

 ~ Matthew 11:28-30 ~ Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Jamil~ Sharing Love In Pakistan

Jamil 1

Would you help these children prosper?

I have known Jamil for several years and he is no stranger to persecution. Through it all he has risen above it, and continues to help the children who have no one to care for them.

Any country you visit has its share of orphans, but they are handled differently. There is an estimated 4 Million orphans in Pakistan, with very few rules to protect their well-being. Caring citizens are needed to protect the rights of children in Pakistan. Homes are not governed by a welfare system, anyone can take in children and claim orphanage status.. without truly caring for them. The orphans of Pakistan face the same challenges as other country’s. Being sold for labor,sexual gratification, and face neglect. There are no laws enforced to ensure orphans receive basic education, food, or health care. Jamil has been providing care and education for children to the best of his ability. Funds to care for the children do not come from the government. Jamil relies on the aid of donations and income he receives through labor. Jamil has been facing hardship and is reaching out for help to care for the children. There is a planned event in March for the children to receive clothing and basic necessities. If you would like to be a monthly supporter, or give a one time gift, please do. Your donation will help provide food, clothing, and education. If you would like to give to Jamil directly, please leave a comment and I will share how this is done.

Please share the need with others in your circle..  Thank you 🙂 

My Nominees For A Liebster Award!


I would like to thank Gail Loves God for nominating me for the Liebster award. Gail shares uplifting posts that reflect her love of God, and His love for you.

I feel you can gain a wealth of knowledge through reading. I have been blessed to follow writers who inspire, educate, and care about others. This made it difficult to choose a favorite blog among them. A Voice Reclaimed is a wonderful blog that offers hope to those who have suffered sexual abuse. There are many educational and inspiring topics covered.

10 Random Facts About Me:

What is the purpose of your blog ?

I blog about children, pastors, and missionaries in need. Many country’s do not have child welfare systems, soup kitchens, or homeless shelters. It is my hope to share love in any way I can. I also blog about world issues, and people who inspire me.

What inspired your blog name?

Pennies are either thrown in a jar, on the ground, or in a wishing well. I hoped that people would donate penny’s they collect to the cause.

What is your favorite color ?

With all the beautiful colors under the sun, I favor pink. 🙂

What do you love most about your country?

Freedom to be me..

What saddens you most about your country?

Hate, division, lust, and greed..

What do you feel is the most pressing issue in the world today?

Human Trafficking, abuse, and sexual exploitation. Innocent children suffer at the hands of corruption and perversion. It breaks my heart that multitudes go unnoticed. I also grieve for lost souls, who either haven’t heard the gospel, or care not to..

What is your favorite book ?

I love to read, and I would have to say the Bible is my favorite. The Bible is rich with history, drama, romance, suspense, and predicts the future. All written by several authors based on true stories!

 What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who spread hate by the many outlets available. To much valuable energy is spent in the negative..

What is your favorite dish?

Vegetable lasagna.. loaded with spinach.. yum!

What are your goals in life?

I have several goals and while I reach for them, I aim to walk in love. I hope love grows viral.. that it seeps into every crack and crevasse of society. I want to be a part of that huge task!

This is my first award, so I made my best attempt to follow how it works.. It is a fun way to share your favorite blogs, and it was fun to join in..

My nominees for the Liebster award. Thank you all for sharing your gifting of God.

Articles that cover abuse and recovery A Voice Reclaimed

News from around the world with Christian perspective Living His Word Ministries

Inspiring poetry Daryl Madden

Poetry and lighthearted creative writing Oaken Reed

Musings with a Biblical perspective Ernie’s Musings

Inspirational thoughts and words Vistas Of Hope

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5. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers
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Is Lizzy Beautiful?


What is beautifully ugly? 

Years ago there was a You Tube video titled “The World’s Ugliest Woman”. I did not watch it, because I do not support hate.. I knew the woman they were using as clickbait could not choose her genetics. To me, the one who published the video was the”worlds ugliest” along with those who added their hurtful comments.. Appearances are merely a shell and people can be beautifully ugly!


Elizabeth Ann Velásquez is beautiful!

400px-Lizzie_Velasquez_2017Lizzy was born in 1989 prematurely. A rare congenital disease prevents her from gaining weight, causes an aged appearance, and affected her vision. She was blessed to have parents who did not choose to abort, as some had hatefully suggested. As a young girl she didn’t feel anything was “wrong” with her, but noticed other children treated her differently. This is how words, and actions can shape our self-image.

At the age of 17 she saw the video on You Tube, that had named her the world’s ugliest woman.. This video filled her with pain, and the hateful comments only made matters worse. Lizzy’s faith, and strong family support, helped turn hurt and shame into acceptance and emotional healing.

I wonder how the publisher and commenters of that video feel now?

Lizzy decided to fight hate with love, and love always wins! She has dedicated her time to helping others who are victims of cyber bullying. 

Lizzy has become an author,motivational speaker,and You Tube sensation.

As a woman who has struggled with low self-esteem throughout my life, I know how cruel some can be. I wanted to be chosen for “Extreme Makeover” they seemed to transform flaws into awes.. The world views beauty as an appearance, and one is only worthy of the title if you meet their criteria. I have been learning that life is likened to the Serenity Prayer.. Except the things we can not change, harness the power to change what we can, and possess the wisdom to know the difference. The most beautiful people I have known are not super models. Their inner beauty seeps through their pores, and that is all you can see.. These are the ones who make the world a better place, like Elizabeth Ann Velásquez. I believe she is the meaning of true beauty!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Links and credits:

[1] Lizzy Velasquez photo

[2] Lizzy Velasquez offical website

[3] Lizzy’s You Tube Page



2017 Charity Wrap-Up!


                                      Look what a few hands can do!

2017 was my second year at Pennies For Dreams! It has been wonderful helping others in need.

I first thank God for His blessing and care. And I thank Anna, Sherri, and Kathy. Not only for your donations throughout the year, but also for being helpful with suggestions and prayer. I also thank those who follow, read and share!

The total donations for 2017 was $650.00. I thank you, and the family’s who received your love, thank you!

The total disbursements for 2017 was $1,020.60. Every penny was given to family’s in need.

NewThe majority of donations went to the purchase of food, clothing, books, and household supplies for the  children’s home in India. Also money was sent via Western Union to help with needs.


win_20151202_07_19_45_pro-2 Pastor David of Uganda. He is part of abortion outreach, and has led many woman to choose life for their unborn. He also pastors a church, and runs an orphanage. He appreciates any assistance I can send.

Baptized - Yatham

Pastor Yatham of India, received several Bibles throughout the year. As well as mosquito spray, and helpful items. He is part of Rural Mobil Gospel Missions. He aims to give each new believer a Bible, and is always in need of Gospel materials to hand out.



Our Loved Sister Betty Florence Betty Florence is an amazing woman, and spends most of her time as a missionary to Sierra Leone. I will soon be posting an update of the 2017 mission. Betty is very frugal with any support she receives. I am praying others will join in the cause.

img-20160213-wa0000Andy of Uganda was hired at a garage, and saved enough to move to Dubai. I was thankful he was able to find work. On occasion I send help when there is a great need.


I am hoping for another great year of helping others in need. I ask that you please share my blog with others who would find an interest in humanitarian aid. I do not have a charity coordinator, or publicity. Your help to spread the word is appreciated.

I hope this news brightened your day and touched your heart as it did mine. 🙂




Giving joy to a child this Christmas!

Christmas 6

Giving joy to a child this Christmas!

You can help bring joy to a child this Christmas! Each year Praveen and his family gather with over 50 children, along with the elderly and widows. They share with those who would not otherwise have a Christmas meal, or gift.. This is a wonderful time of joy and laughter, how I wish I could be there in person. I have been blessed to read the stories and see the smiles captured by camera. The children in the home and others who attend Sunday school, sing Christmas carols. It is a day of rejoicing, and performing the skits they have practiced. They gather for Christmas dinner, that is prepared by helping hands within the church. After dinner Praveen and his family give gifts to the children, and clothing to the elderly and widows. Through the festivities, they always give thanks and praise to the One they are celebrating, who is Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. ~Matthew 1:18-25~

If you would like to be part of bringing joy to these children this Christmas, please donate. If you have no pennies to spare, please share the need anywhere you can. 🙂

It is my hope to send gifts and financial aid to the children’s home, since giving feels better than receiving!



Set Them Free- Modern Day Slavery


We Must Be Their Voice

  I am not one who lends an ear to conspiracy theory’s, I make an effort to check facts. The truth of the matter is, all around the world people are being sold into slavery.. This is more than my heart and mind can wrap around..

Here in America where humanitarian laws are strict, people of all ages and races are being sold for sex trafficking and free labor.. the numbers are to great for agents to handle. [1] In Missouri, an alarming number of woman and children are missing. One  man sent out an alert, when he witnessed black vans scoping out public shopping centers. [2] Possibly this is related to the number of businesses involved in trafficking.

Recently I heard from Senator Richard.H. Black, about the open slave auctions in Libya..[3] At least two times a week they hold an open auction, where African-Americans are sold to the highest bidder.. In the Middle East young children are being sold to grown men, and it not because their wives are barren,these children are used for perversion.. I wish this was just another conspiracy theory I could ignore.. That I would not have to face this reality, because it is all so evil. [4]

We must lift our voices, and cry out for those who can not speak for themselves.. They are waiting to be rescued from their captors..Waiting to be united with their family members who like themselves, were taken. For many the thought of enduring life as they know it, ends in suicide. Woman commit suicide rather than live out the horror that awaits them, knowing they are to be used as concubine. Children are subjected to unspeakable acts, that darken their soul. Years of therapy are needed after they are rescued from the grips of their captors.

These atrocity’s are rarely spoken of on your nightly news, and often the rest of the world turns a blind eye to the subject.. The ones who speak out know first hand that slavery never ended. They are the small portion who were rescued from the sex trade, or subject to forced labor. Every day there are people being transported and sold into some form of slavery. Their captors use force and threaten to kill their family, if they try to escape. Christian woman and children are being publicly gang raped, tortured, and killed as message of power.

What can we do? If you are a believer, join other Christians around the world who are praying.. Telling others, and requesting intercessory prayer is helpful. A group called Exodus Cry , is one of many who are reaching out. [5]

The U.N. budget for peacekeeping effort reaches billions each year. You can be a voice for others by contacting the U.N. and pleading their cause. [6] U.N. Peacekeeping Effort.

Learn of events taking place in your community, contact your local senators if you believe trafficking may be an issue in your state.

We may not have the power to be a modern-day Moses, yet our effort as individuals can be multiplied ten fold. Please consider being a voice for those who can not raise theirs..

Thank you for reading, and caring  🙂



[1] Missing in MO

[2] MO Trafficking

[3] Libya Migrant Auctions

[4] Saudi Child Trafficking

[5] Exodus Cry

[6] Contact U.N. Peacekeepers




Be Ye Thankful


” In every thing give thanks” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18 ~


I can only speak for myself, but I have seen an increase in unthankfulness all around me. Children throwing tantrums, turning red in store isles.. Mothers leaving reviews for the  latest trend toys, irate at the inability to please, ruined their child’s birthday.. really? There was once a time when people were grateful for simply having basic necessities. Food, clothing, and a roof over your head was enough to make anyone count their blessings. In this new generation,many have all they need,and still want more.. Possibly a vacation to a third world country could change their outlook.. There was once a man who complained he had no shoes, until he met the man who had no feet..

When I am “wanting” things I don’t really need.. I have to remind myself to be thankful for what I do have, since many have far less. When the winter wind chills me, I think of the homeless who endure all weather. When I get tired of the same budget meals, I am reminded of those who eat from dumpsters. There are many things I am thankful for, and if you stop to think about it.. we can always find more..

Having friendship with Praveen and his family in India, has shown me that being thankful is a virtue to teach children early. My heart is touched when I see how thankful they are. Their faith is strengthened when they are in need, and find that God makes a way. I have learned valuable lessons from others who never lived with abundance, and are thankful for what they have at any given moment. This is not always easy I agree.. our flesh enjoys comfort, and at times life is downright uncomfortable.. If we practice being thankful it becomes easier every day.

          ~  I am wishing you a happy and thankful Thanksgiving~  🙂


Water Project Update~India~

You can help provide clean water!

Many are blessed to have clean water, and I have been attempting to provide an RO water system for the children’s home in India.


Praveen has met with another water specialist in his city. He wanted to compare companies, and pricing. The man was very helpful in explaining options available. The RO system recommended would supply 20 Liters of drinking water they need daily. The cost of the system is 13,000 Rupees, that is just under 200.00. This water filter costs less than the original quote in my previous posts.

Praveen and his family have devoted so much to children through the years. Providing a home, and welcoming countless others to share a meal and Sunday school. Their heart of giving has always touched mine.

I am asking that we join hands, and make this happen!

 When I started my blog I believed people still collected pennies, and would donate them for good causes. I understand that many can not afford to give, but sharing this need with your friends or on social media, is giving.

Thanks for reading 🙂