Blue Whale Strikes India!


Can one commit murder without ever touching their victims?

The first time I had learned of The Blue Whale Challenge, was at a blog I follow, where I catch up on world news.

This sinister social media challenge has traveled around the world, and has caused India to seek a ban of this dangerous game.[1] India’s Ministry of Electronics and IT has directed internet platforms like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Yahoo to remove the links to the online game. This follows a petition from the Ministry of Women and Child Development, demanding a ban. The number of recent suicides have been investigated, and it has been found that India’s teens are actively playing the game. Parents world-wide, have been strongly cautioned to be aware of what activity’s their children are involved in.

Philipp Budeikin, the games creator, is a 22 year old Russian Psychology student. Who  is now serving a three-year sentence, for his involvement in several teen suicides. This dark heart, still receives love letters in prison from teenage girls who were drawn into his web of deceit. 

[2] The term “blue whale” comes from the phenomenon of beached whales, which is linked to suicide. Beaching is a phenomenon in which cetaceans strand themselves on land, usually on a beach. Beached whales die due to dehydration, collapsing under their own weight or drowning when high tide covers the blowhole.

How could anyone seek out vulnerable teens for lab rats? Using mind manipulation this game controls your moves and emotions; there is no fun, and in the end everyone looses..

Blue Whale’s creator, was quoted as saying ; “There are people – and there is biological waste. Those who do not represent any value for society. Who cause or will cause only harm to society. I was cleaning our society of such people”.

Those who participate in the challenge are contacted on social media. After a series of questions, they must commit to the challenge, and follow through to the end. The first red flag with this challenge, is the person must commit to secrecy. After accepting the challenge, you are given a series of daily tasks,which can bring you to the state of physical and mental exhaustion. These tasks include cutting, watching horror movies, listening to music, and sleep deprivation. After the tasks are completed and documented by photo or video, the curator then chooses the time that you must die.

There have been a number of teen suicides world-wide, although it is widely debated as to if the challenge was a factor as claimed.

Why am I sharing such dark news? because this challenge is active, and spreading across social media. There are ways you can protect your child from being a victim of cyber manipulation.  Apps are available to control the content your child can reach on their phone. These Apps can be purchased, or there are free Apps available for android..   

On computers you can protect your children by using software, there are many that offer customization to fit your level of monitoring. True Vine Online, is aimed at blocking pornography, but has several options to select your level of filtering. They also allow you to receive an email update of your PC’s web history. I realize children must establish a sense of freedom and trust. I am not implying we should not allow any room to breath.. but in this day and age, there are many dangers children face, right in the comfort of their home.

[1] India’s Ministry of Electronics

[2] The term blue whale

Pre- Abortion Counseling at Iganga!

Caring guidance preserves life!

Although Uganda has abortion restrictions, they are performed daily.

[1] 1.2 Million Ugandan woman face unwanted pregnancy each year, in which 26% lead in abortion. Woman living in rural communities are at further risk of having complications during an abortion procedure. Many clinics refer woman to pre- abortion counseling before they agree to perform the procedure.

David Kisaame, of Iganga Crisis Pregnancy Center, fills this need with gladness!

In a recent testimony, David shared how he counseled an unnamed couple, who sought an abortion of their seventh child. Being a pastor, David went to the Bible, and shared how sacred life is to God. Many who come to the pregnancy center, know nothing about God or the Bible. David reads scripture that shows, life begins at conception. The worries that this couple faced, is shared by all the others who came before them. This couple felt that one more mouth to feed, would be far to difficult. David shared many events of hardship from the Bible, and how the Lord gave them all strength to gain victory. Using wisdom like Solomon, David asked the question, ” Having six children, and one in the womb, which brings you more burden to sustain”? They replied “the six”. Jokingly, David said ” Then why not get rid of  the six, and keep the one in your womb”?. Of course, they refused, yet understood what David was implying.. If it is impossible to kill your six children, why kill the one yet to be born.

Ultimately it is the mothers decision, but David aims to be sure they are fully aware of what is to come. Many times, when someone knows there is an another answer, they feel more at peace keeping their child.

This story ended well! after counseling, the couple decided to keep their child. Months passed, and a man entered David’s office to share the news of how grateful he was to receive harsh reality.. in essence, he had asked his wife to have an abortion, since they had six daughters to care for. In tears he related how his wife had just given birth to their only son!.  Good decisions end well, and together they prayed for the existence of the counseling center, and Gods gift of a baby boy.

Iganga reaches out to those seeking an abortion, and provides aid to those who struggle after giving birth to a child. Parenting education, and childcare often lead a family to finding sustainable income. Since finances are the leading cause of abortion, this is a wonderful resource. David invites all those with a heart for life, to join him. If you are considering a mission to Uganda, please contact me.

If you would like to help Iganga advance their efforts, please donate here via Pay Pal.

If you would like to make your support direct, by using Western Union.

  1. Select Uganda as the destination, and send to David Kisaame
  2.  Email the tracking number to me, and I will forward.

Your support is needed, and appricaited!

Thank you 🙂

[1] ugandas-abortion-rate-has-decreased



Who Is Dobri Dobrev? Come And See!


By Nexus Infinitus (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (

                                       In Bulgarian, his name translates as “kind”

Dobri Dimitrov Dobrev, was born July 20, 1914 in the village of Bailovo, Bulgaria. He is better known as Grandpa Dobri, or The Saint of Bailovo. He is a Bulgarian beggar who wants to change the world..

Dobri’s father died while serving in World War I, this left his mother to raise him and three sisters alone. His mother worked at an orphanage, and his father before joining the war, would often help the orphanage when they had no money. Dobri saw sacrificial kindness in the lives of his parents from a young age.

Dobri served as a bodyguard to King Boris III and his family. A brush with death was a defining moment for Dobri, he believed God had a plan for his life. He retired the Kings service and devoted his life to serving God, believing it was divine intervention.

Dobri married near the rise of World War II, they had four children together, two have passed on. He served in the war pledging to protect Jewish citizens, and lost most his hearing after a bomb attack. He survived over forty years of the Iron curtain, by going into the mountains to pray. Working as a shepherd, he learned to be a humble servant, and had no desire for material wealth. He gave all his belongings to the Orthodox church, and now lives in a small room at Saints Cyril church in his native village of Bailovo.

In his tattered cloths, and worn leather sandals, he would walk in all-weather over 40 kilometers, to beg alms. You would think Dobri was merely a common beggar, but not so.. Standing outside the church of Sofia, clutching a small tin box, he raises funds for churches and orphans.

In his lifetime, Dobrev has given 80,000 Bulgarian lev ( $50,000 USD) to churches, monasteries and other charitable causes. Dobri chose a simple life, never seeking praise for his giving. He is loved by many in the village of Sofia, who call him “Grandpa Dobri”. Dobri has never taken a cent of the charity he has raised. He lives on 100 euro’s a month that he receives for retirement, and thankful for the fruit and bread people kindly leave him.  At 101 his strength endures, since a merry heart is like a medicine.

He enjoys visiting with those who pass by, and will often kiss the hand of little children, or those in his company. He always reminds those who will listen about God’s love, and that ” He is the only way”. This gentle old man touches the heart of all who encounter him. His life story inspired the documentary film ” The Silent Angel ” and also a website dedicated to his life’s work  Saint Dobry.

Although Dobri may be unaware, his kindness has been ” Tweeted”..  Matthew 23:12, declares that those who exalt themselves will be humbled, but those who are humble will be exalted. I believe Dobri is now being exalted for his steadfast love..

So if you ever chance to meet Dobri Dobrev, standing outside the St. Alexander Nevsky church of Sofia, please give him a big hug for me!

The good will is just and true. Everything in it is good. We must not lie, nor steal, nor commit adultery. We must love each other as God loves us.
— Dobri Dobrev


Water Project Update!

                                  You can be a part of providing clean water !

As some may know, I have been attempting to provide an RO system to the orphanage in India..

Praveen has spoken to a water treatment specialist in their city, explaining their situation.  I have heard good news of their findings, the RO system that will remove total dissolved salts and contaminants, can be installed at the bore well.

NewThis home of love is a busy place, they have children who live with them, and they also aid neighborhood widows and their children.

They hold Sunday school classes, and help children with their schooling. When funds allow they help the less fortunate in their church community.

Why is this project on my heart? I believe it will be of benefit to the home, and others who gather. They will save on the cost of purchasing bottled water for drinking.

The system will remove much of the limescale, so Praveen’s wife and mother will save on scrubbing 🙂

The cost of this project: large water filters are between 8,000 and 10,000 rupees.

Because an RO system wastes a good amount of water, they will be saving the rejected water for bathing and cleaning.  A container will be needed to store the filtered water at a cost of 3,000 rupees. After  Installation charges, the total projected cost given is 15,000 rupees. In U.S. currency this totals $233.76

I am thankful for the dear lady who has donated to this project, and I am half way there!

I understand with finances, not all can give.. but please share this project with others.

Sharing is giving 🙂 




Charity Update Africa and India


I would like to thank the 2 ladies who gave from their heart, you are appreciated 🙂

image2670Great news has come out of Uganda, Andy has found a job at a garage.. This is an answer to prayer! as he was greatly discouraged, and can now start to establish a better life. Andy has lived on the streets from the age of 14, but was always kind to others, sharing what he had. This touched my heart, and with him and others in mind, I started this charity. Wasike is the man who took Andy in, and cares for other homeless children. I pray one day they will have a good career and not forget his influence of kindness.




She Is Blessed

Surprise welcome for Betty 🙂

Sister Betty is scheduled to return from her mission trip to Sierra Leone. It was also planned to hold a mission outreach in Lofa County, Liberia. The Betty Florence Foundation strives to bring life changing tools to several villages. The ministry is sharing the gospel, providing free education, digging wells, assisting with health care, teaching good hygiene practice, and helping to build places of worship.

If you or someone you know enjoys supporting missionaries who are very frugal, please keep Betty Florence in mind, and in prayer.


NewNow on to India! Praveen and the family were very grateful to receive aid this month for food, and needed supplies. I am still working on the clean water project. They draw water from a bore well, and do not have indoor plumbing, so my thought of a reverse osmosis system may not be the answer. I am attempting to raise funds to help them in converting the bore well into clean drinking water. This could save  the cost of  buying water, and scrubbing limescale from their pots 🙂



The grow bags and seeds have really done well. Praveen’s father has enjoyed taking care of the plants, and gathering the reward of his labor 🙂







India Bibles 4Ministry partners with Pastor Yatham,continue sharing the gospel with those who would like to listen. They hold open air meetings, and many people have said Jesus Christ has changed their life. There are many challenges in India, and people often suffer from depression, and substance abuse. After hearing the gospel, they realize peace can be found. New converts are provided Bibles, and they are in short supply. Please consider supporting the ministry outreach of Pastor Yatham for Bibles.

Thank you for taking the time to read into the lives of my dear friends.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
~ Mother Teresa~

The gift of clean water



                       You can help provide clean water to an orphanage in India! 


I have read if you vacation in India, don’t drink the water! since even the municipal water should be filtered to be free from contaminates..

The orphanage in India does not have running water.. Most in rural India rely on carrying water from a nearby source, and many suffer from water-borne illness.. Humanitarian groups are involved to help bring clean water to children and family’s in many country’s. I believe this is a wonderful incentive, considering it can improve overall health, and even prevent death.

NewAt the orphanage, they carry water from a bore well that is on the property. This water is used for cleaning and bathing, but can not supply drinking water, for its high levels of TDS, it also produces heavy limescale, and can not be trusted to be free of bacteria.  They are blessed to have a source of water, but they must purchase water for drinking, and cooking.


They are all hard-working, and thankful for what they have. I believe having access to clean water would be a blessing to the family.

I am on a quest to raise the funds for a water treatment system. This would allow them to use bore well water making it safe for all household use. After some research I discovered if your water is high in TDS ( total dissolved salts) you need a reverse osmosis system.

If you would like to help this cause, please note that 100% is used for the family.

Please share the need, as it is also giving  🙂  ~ Colossians 3:17 ~



Uganda Church Attack~ Update

2 Corinthians 4:8-12

It is heartbreaking that mankind carries hatred toward others who are not of their faith. Through threats and violence they aim to convert or destroy churches, stop all forms of sharing the Gospel, and gathering in private homes for prayer meetings.

In January, Katira Church of Eastern Uganda suffered an attack. News Church Attack

After contacting Pastor Moses, he and the congregation is safe, and attempting to rebuild. In the news media, there were false reports as to why the church was attacked by Muslims, during an evening  prayer meeting.  News Link

Pastor Moses Mutasa, and the members are in prayer to receive the funds needed to complete the church repair. Church Trusting To Rebuild

I am thankful for the 25.00 donation I received for Pastor Moses, since my original post. Gathering with others can be great support for people living in country’s of poverty and violence. People of faith find strength in prayer, and enjoy worshiping together.

I received great advice from a fellow blogger, and contacted Voice Of The Martyrs to ask if they could help, but I received no response. It is my hope the church will be restored, and grow.

I am asking if you are a Christian that you pray for their rebuilding and protection. I also ask that if possible you donate to this cause, the estimated cost of church repair is far more than they can afford. I believe God can open hearts and minds to aid them in their effort. Please share with others who enjoy helping church plants, and rebuilding.

Thank you 🙂


Free Gift! ~Charity update~


What will you receive by giving ? 

If you believe in God, He promises to bless you in return, for He loves a cheerful giver.. If you have two coats and give one away, you will have joy.. and less clutter!

Long before I started a charity, my heart was touched by the growing friendship of those I desire to help.. I know there is poverty all around the world, including the United States.. and I am thankful for the charity’s who help them..

At the orphanage in India, Praveene and his family have helped the poor in their village.. and have been blessed in return, not with monetary gain, but with a greater trust in God, and joy that brings good health.. Recently they were blessed to hold a 3 day Gospel event  in their village. They reached over 300 people, this was a great blessing for them, as there are many areas of India that are difficult to hold such gatherings. Vitamins were shared with the elderly and widows to help them gain strength and a better immunity.

I have recently set out to find a farm nearby who could supply milk.. I have learned that they mix ghee with water making a form of butter milk for the children, and they would be happy to receive milk if it was possible. With temperatures of 120 degrees the heat can be unbearable, so I would like to send another fan, considering it would be a help to all who live in the home, and visit for services.

The sewing seeds of love project is still ongoing, I would be happy to send seeds and grow bags for Praveene to give the elderly and widows who attend the church.

Pastor Yatham of India gives Bibles to new Christians, I have been sending 5 Bibles a month, and small gifts of tea, mosquito spray, and oatmeal. If I were rich I would send a truck load! but I live on minimum wage, so for now it is by courier..

Andy of Uganda is still struggling to find a job and there is little I can do for him at this point. I send him links to possible jobs, and give what I can for food each month.. There is a man in Kampala who claims he will send Andy to Dubai for 50.00, but I am unsure if he would be safe.  If you have any job connections to Uganda, please advise..

All I desire to do needs prayer and exposure.. this small private charity, can become greater and help more in need.. There is a profit for me by trying to build this charity.. it is Gods blessing, and the joy of giving.   🙂

If you would like to learn more about the projects and family’s I  aim to help, please visit the main menu.

Thank you for reading and sharing!


For the love of Sierra Leone~ Update


Our Loved Sister Betty Florence

I eagerly awaited the mission statement from the Betty Florence Foundation..

Betty arrived safely on January,13th and has been busy since her feet touched the ground. At 81 she can still surprise many, she lives among the villagers without modern amenity’s, and this is how she prefers it.

Missionary TrailBetty has been a missionary with Mission For Souls, for many years. Her stories of triumph are mingled with heartache, speaking of how she has a two-fold objective, one is to teach the villagers about Jesus Christ, and to assist the children with education. Betty believes the way out of poverty and crime, is to educate any child who is willing to learn. The school relies on donations to operate, since officials reneged on their agreement to help with the funding. Parents are willing to send their children to the school for free education, and keeping the school open is a blessing to many.

Village To Village By Boat

In March, Betty and her team spent 12 days going down river to Mono Kranko, to evangelize. Betty has walked many dirt roads, and been rowed by boat to reach the villages.There is not a pharmacy on every corner, at best you will find a village witch doctor.. Betty brings an arsenal to her small hut every trip, the power of prayer that heals, and her vitamins. She had an attack of stomach virus after sharing the Gospel in Mono Kranko, by the grace of God, she recovered. Preaching through the sickness,she told all who were willing to listen, that Jesus Christ is the savior for all mankind. Many people responded to the Gospel message, asking the Lord to be their savior. I anxiously await listening to her testimony of how God is moving in West Africa. When a man is brought out of a diabetic coma without doctors or medication, but by prayer, who can deny the power of God ? His love never fails.

Children love BettyIn April, Betty and her team was scheduled to visit Lofa County, Liberia. There are many tasks that need to be done, as the Lord enables.

They are constructing a permanent school building in Gbesseh Village, and working with the villagers to better their lives. No matter where Betty walks, her message is to love one another, help each other to make stone soup.. and to know Jesus, the One who loves us the most. Betty’s mission efforts are under funded, accomplishing as she is able each year. Children are taught, wells are dug, churches are planted, and the Gospel has been shared 🙂

Please pray for Betty Florence, and Mission For Souls, directed by Bishop Virgil Badie Sr. 

If you feel lead to support the Betty Florence Foundation Please send your tax-deductible gift to : B. Florence Foundation; P.O. Box 3100 Statesboro, Georgia 30459. You can also donate here at pennies for dreams if you would like, any donation will be forwarded with your name and address to receive your statement.

Thank you for taking the time to read the good news!


Church trusting to rebuild after attack Please share this post..


2 Corinthians 4:8-12 KJV

We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed;we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken;cast down, but not destroyed;Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus,that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh. So then death worketh in us, but life in you.


In January, Katira Church of Eastern Uganda suffered an attack. Since that time many have been praying for answers to the whereabouts of  Moses Mutasa, and eight other Christians who were still missing. { Details}  Church Attack

I first learned of Moses Mutasa a few years back through Abba Fathers International Fellowship. Moses distributed the Jesus Came To Heal The Brokenhearted tracts, and called the prayer line to share testimonies. I remember the urgency in his voice to reach souls through the Gospel.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, and Pastor David Kissame of the Iganga Center   agreed to investigate the situation at Katira Church. In his report he stated that he traveled to the Village Katiro, in Budaka District. Local villagers were reluctant to share information, and it took nearly 4 hours to locate Reverend Mus Mukenye, who is head of Katira Church. David was taken to the church were the attack took place that evening. Reverend Mukenye testified that a mob of Muslim men surrounding the church, and as they attempted to lock themselves inside the church, these men removed the metal sheets to gain access inside. Many were beaten, and the woman raped, the attack lasted for hours before any authorities came. Some church members fled for their lives, the rape victims and injured were treated at a near by clinic. After the mayhem, Reverend Mukenye and the church members attempted to locate the missing. It is believed that the missing members, including Moses Mutasa have relocated to another village. All the victims are in need of prayer for physical and emotional healing. Reverend Mukenye encourages his congregation to forgive, and allow the Lord to deal with the assailants.

Katira was left in need of several repairs, as the men destroyed their pews, and vandalized the church. They have made some repairs, but are lacking the finances. In Uganda the greatest share of congregants are poor, and most are unable to tithe more than a few shillings a week. Pastor David has informed me that the estimated cost of repairs, will be over 4,000 dollars. If you feel lead to help this church rebuild, please donate via Pay Pal at my page, and be sure to include “Church” in the memo. I ask that you please pray, and share this need with others.

Materials estimate for Katira Church I was sent.

Iron sheets 170pces @35,000 = 5950000

Ridges 30pieces 10,000 =300,000
Timber 6*2- 2,000 @600 =120,000
4*2- 3800ft@500=1,900,000
4*3- 250ft @600 =150,000
3*2- 2,100ft @500 =1,050,000
nails 6inch6-30kg @6,000 =180,000
Ordinary nails 5inc -19kg @6,000 = 114,000
Ordinary nails 4inch -50kg @ 6,000 =300,000
Ordinary nails 3inch- 10kg @ 600 =60,000
Ordinary nails 1.5inch -10kg @ 7,000 =70 000
Roofing nails- 50kg @7,000 =350,000
Wood preservative -80ltrs @ 4,000 =320,000
Rubber washers -15pcs @ 6,000 = 90000
Hoop iron -6Rolls @ 4000 =240,000
Cariptus -18poles @ 5,000 =90,000
Labour 10% – 2,530,000
Lunch for workers = 500,000
grand total. – 14,614,000 in local currency

The total in US Dollars is 4747
Pastor David Kisaame