The Language Of Love

heart-534793_640There is one language anyone can understand..

Imagine being a polyglot, you could travel without hiring a translator, watch a movie with subtitles off, and read a foreign novel with ease. There are many beautiful languages in the world and some make it their passion to learn them.

Rojas-Berscia is a hyperpolyglot, who speaks twenty-two languages, and is on a quest to learn more. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, speaks eight languages, and has gained attention for his ability to converse with the crowd. However I am more like Ursula in Ladies In Lavender, when trying to speak Polish, puppy dog was on the dinner menu.

Although I speak English, I have found anyone can understand the language of love. A soft smile, warm handshake, and a peaceful spirit can be translated by anyone.

11 thoughts on “The Language Of Love

  1. Christadelphians says:

    In the language of love there is no place for weapons, violence or war and therefore there is no glory which lights the soldier’s tomb, and no beauty that weeps so-called brave fighters or soldiers (of your May 25, 2020 post). The brave ones are the healthcare workers and people who fight without weapons, sharing their love with others.


    • Mary Ann says:

      Yes, I definitely do not glorify war. Blessed are peace makers.. The post you are referring to was for a national holiday, Memorial Day is celebrated to honor those who died serving their country. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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