Alarming number of stillbirths across Canada..

I have been quiet about the pandemic, mainly because it is not welcomed

But for the sake of conscience I feel I must sound an alarm for pregnant woman to do their research.

A Canadian, Doctor Daniel Nagase, reported 13 stillbirths in a 24-hour period. More alarming is that there have been 86 stillbirths since July of 2021. He is not the only one in the medical field, who has been concerned about the alarming number of babies not surviving more than 48 hours after birth. Yet I must add the claims have been debunked by fact checkers. If you are pregnant please research the benefits and risks of any drug that enters your babies temporary home. We are told all is well and safe, while any negative feedback is debunked surrounding untimely deaths. We are told VARES data is not reliable concerning death reports because of comorbidity, or other factors. Are we left to take a leap of faith and trust what we are told? I feel we need more facts before making a decision.



5 thoughts on “Alarming number of stillbirths across Canada..

  1. Jennifer says:

    Lord please come and get the children. Pray for discernment and Godly wisdom. Do know what you’re taking or do you just believe what people say. Our bodies belong to the Lord. Please do your research. This includes food as well. I completely agree Mary. Thank you for posting this.

    God bless you!

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  2. anonimix says:

    At least they go straight to heaven, if many NDE’s are credible. A former US presidential candidate must be quite content, as she was planning a taxpayer-funded American genocide in the womb.

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