Sowing Seeds Of Love


You can sow seeds of discourse, and reap noxious weeds.. or sow seeds of love and reap a harvest! 

Last year I shared a post about creating ways to supplement the food supply at the India orphanage.. One obstacle they faced was lack of fertile ground to sow into, and this is the case for many in India.

green-my-lifeWith prayer and some searching I found a great alternative. Patio gardens and grow bags, take little space and can produce a great amount of fruit,and vegetables. Last year I sent a Green My Life grow kit to the orphanage, and it was successful. This year I would like to expand the effort, to include the widows with children, and the elderly.

givingFor those who are not familiar with Praveen, he and his wife Kurthi, along with his parents, renovated an old building to open an orphanage. The children are taken in from the streets if they are willing, and given a new hope in life. The home is not government funded, and operates through donation.  Praveen and his father are also pastors, reaching out to local widows, and the elderly. There is no lack of love in that place, I have seen the desire this  family holds for helping the poor. ~  Hebrews 13:6

If possible I plan to send an ample supply of seeds and grow bags to share with those who are able to use them. Keeping in mind, many live in huts and tents.. possibly others with ample room can share their bounty with those who can not grow their own.

Please pray that this project will be successful, please share the project with your friends. If you feel lead to help please donate. Every prayer and penny is appreciated 🙂

Thank you so much



10 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds Of Love

  1. boundlessblessingsblog says:

    Mary an awesome 👏 job r u doing and am feeling so touched by this great gesture of yours and so kind for Praveen and his family who take care of these poor destitute people. Hats off to you all and of course with God helping you all will go well. Keep faith in him he is there to guide you. All the best.👌👌👌👌👌👌👌


  2. Living His Word says:

    Mary Ann,

    We would like to give to the India orphanage. We need a receipt for our records. When donating will this allow us to print a receipt showing we gave to Pennies For Dreams?

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Bledsoe
    Living His Word Ministries, Inc.


    • Mary Ann says:

      Thank you Jennifer,
      If you are giving through Pay Pal you can print a copy for your records.
      It will show pnmt to Pennies For Dreams.
      I am not sure of the tax laws in your state.
      Thank you for your desire to give.
      God Bless


    • Mary Ann says:

      Thank you for the read..
      I have not received any donations on this project so far.. I have received 4 donations this year, and was blessed to send other needs.
      I have found all the supplies on Amazon, and realized, I should be sending Non-Hybrid seeds.. so that they can keep producing from their bounty.. The last time I sent grow bags and seeds, I found that they were Hybrid.. but the bags can be reused.. and they did produce, so it was a blessing. so.. long answer to a short question.. I am still working on this project 🙂
      God Bless


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