The Betty Florence Foundation

Loving the children

The Betty Florence Foundation began in the year 2000, pioneered by Mission For Souls, also involving the late Dr. Moses Kapu,and the late Margrette Seibureh IV, a member of Parlement, who represented the village of Fakonah. 

Betty Florence is an extraordinary woman, at the age of 79, she continues her yearly quest as a missionary to Sierra Leone. Her focus is Fakonoh Village,and the outlying areas, where Betty and the team live among the people, she feels this is the best way to connect, as she aims to teach the villagers that they need to work together. She was faced with the harsh reality that some did not want her presence, yet on the bright side,those in the villages she has touched, love her dearly and wish that she would stay.

Betty has a great heart for the children. Focusing on children’s education,the foundation established a preschool in Sinbaru, and a grade school in the village. Training can help put an end to generational poverty, yet many do not have the privilege to receive basic education.  

The foundation has worked with nine villages where they have constructed two houses, provided food,clothing, and much-needed medical attention, they have also established four churches, and provided funding for a community well. The Betty Florence Foundation continues to bring hope to severely impoverished family’s, while sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those who need to learn of Him.  Your donation can help extend their efforts. Your Gift is tax deductible.

To contribute directly by mail:  The B. Florence Foundation, P.O. Box 3100 Statesboro GA, 30459

Or choose the Pay Pal option on the page.

Your donation can help provide

  • A solar briefcase to be used by the nurse.
  • Medical supplies.
  • Food and clothing for the children.
  • Support for the schools.

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