Go Fund What?


Wise giving is a true investment! 

I am sure you have read the story that went viral.. Johnny Bobbitt a homeless man from Philly who stopped to help a woman who ran out of gas. Johnny walked several blocks and spent his last $20 to bring Katelyn McClure some gasoline. It was a feel good story that didn’t have such a happy ending. Katelyn McClure and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico were so grateful for Johnny’s selfless act, that they struck up a  friendship in the day’s that followed. Katelyn found Johnny at the same intersection where she ran out of gas, and would bring him food and gift cards. Katelyn and Mark then went on to start a Go Fund Me page to reward Johnny for what he had done. Sadly when the money started rolling in to the tune of over 400,000 the friendship between the trio took a turn south.

Johnny Bobbitt claims the couple did not give him all the money they collected from donors. Further research shows that instead of buying Johnny a home and his dream truck, the couple instead bought him a camper that he parked on their property. The money they did give Johnny he spent helping friends, and admitted to spending some on drugs. In the end a judge ordered the couple Katelyn McClure and Mark D’Amico to return the remainder of the money to Johnny Bobbitt, but all the money was gone.. The couple it seems spent half the money they had collected.. In their defense on the issue they claimed Johnny was using the money for drugs, and not being responsible with the money they gave him.

Go Fund Me has been a good place for a man and his money to be soon departed.. Among many great causes by honest people, there is a ration of scams and really ridiculous pleas for money, such as”buy me some beer”.

I realize GFM can not keep everyone in check, but after reading the number of people who reported fraudulent campaigns that were ignored, it disturbs me.

A popular blog named Go Fraud Me has compiled many of the shady campaigns.  Although they use some colorful language.. I feel it is good to raise awareness.

Back in the day it was hard to raise money for a legitimate cause, it took many months of bake sales, bottle drives, and spaghetti dinners. With today’s social media anyone can ask for money and prey on the hearts of people along with slipping their fingers into your wallet.. Weather people believe it or not, we all have to answer for what we have done in life. The love of money can sear the conscience, and lies to get it leaves good people feeling duped and let down. A word of wisdom, honesty is always the best policy.

Charity Fraud..


As I debated how I would title this post, I decided to call it like it is.. there is no way to sugarcoat what is happening among many of the 1.6 million non-profit groups in America.

 I read the details of an article written by the center for investigative reporting, it answered my ongoing question,with all the charities in the world,why are so many starving? The reason is the so-called charities feed their own coffers,while holding costly fund-raisers, giving only 3% of the cash they rake in to the cause. Sadly I have seen the claims coming out of Africa, and Great Britain, of organizations taking large sums of money intended for the starving and homeless. Agreed every business has overhead costs, but many are fudging the books.

First on the list of America’s 50 worst charities was, Kids Wish Network, since they spend less than 3 cents on the dollar helping children. How do so many raise millions in funds? they hire phone solicitors,using the same story, that 100% goes to the cause!. like those who contacted an elderly woman with dementia,within three years she had given 15,000 in donations, being roped in by their pressing stories. The Government should force non-profits to give a standard percentage of all funds to the cause they represent, how can it be a charity when it benefits you?

80% of Americans give to charity, is the heart of America being deceived? I urge anyone who gives to their favorite cause to look them over, and see where your hard-earned money goes. Below is a link to the 50 worst charities in America, if you would like to know who to be aware of. There are some great people in the world, who are truly helping others, so please pardon the nerve that was stricken by those who operate under a smoke screen of doing good.

Some helpful links Americas worst charities

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