Sowing Seeds Of Love


You can sow seeds of discourse, and reap noxious weeds.. or sow seeds of love and reap a harvest! 

Last year I shared a post about creating ways to supplement the food supply at the India orphanage.. One obstacle they faced was lack of fertile ground to sow into, and this is the case for many in India.

green-my-lifeWith prayer and some searching I found a great alternative. Patio gardens and grow bags, take little space and can produce a great amount of fruit,and vegetables. Last year I sent a Green My Life grow kit to the orphanage, and it was successful. This year I would like to expand the effort, to include the widows with children, and the elderly.

givingFor those who are not familiar with Praveen, he and his wife Kurthi, along with his parents, renovated an old building to open an orphanage. The children are taken in from the streets if they are willing, and given a new hope in life. The home is not government funded, and operates through donation.  Praveen and his father are also pastors, reaching out to local widows, and the elderly. There is no lack of love in that place, I have seen the desire this  family holds for helping the poor. ~  Hebrews 13:6

If possible I plan to send an ample supply of seeds and grow bags to share with those who are able to use them. Keeping in mind, many live in huts and tents.. possibly others with ample room can share their bounty with those who can not grow their own.

Please pray that this project will be successful, please share the project with your friends. If you feel lead to help please donate. Every prayer and penny is appreciated 🙂

Thank you so much



~God Loves Life~


I created this video with a heavy heart.. At the time I was writing a post about Safe Havens, and discovered babies were being discarded.. If you see someone who is a new parent and they may be struggling, or in distress..Please share the fact that there are Safe Havens in all 50 states within the U.S. and they can call 1-800-510-BABY  this is a 24/7 support hotline that will provide the location of a Safe Haven in their state. There is help for anyone who is facing a tough decision that can not be reversed.. Please reach out and choose life.

I believe Genesis 1:27~ you may believe Romans 1:25.. either way we can still agree life is precious can’t we?  🙂  I hope you enjoy.

The Danger Of Hyper-Grace


I do not have a degree in Biblical studies, but can regognise twisted scripture. What I have been learning about churches grieves my spirit, and so I believe that is enough to say many have fallen away, and some never were..  A Florida church has lost its tax-exempt status, for using the guise of “church” to run an adult club. Operating a seven-day-a-week party called Amnesia, charging a $20 donation at the door.[1] I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. There are many who would say I shouldn’t judge.. So I will ask for the liberty to call it righteous anger.. These are not His sheep!

Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Matthew 7:21


In Virginia,there is the Naked Church,[2] were all the members sit and listen to the naked pastor preach.This is not the same as “being naked before the Lord”!

At the Hooters Church all the members eat, drink, and be merry. when the pastor was questioned about the ethics of this practice, he replied “there is a three beer limit”.. He is encouraging self-control..

And the ” Song of Solomon Church” where the pastor arranges all his teachings around one book in the Bible, and sexuality.. the sermons, and instructions are all aimed at better sex in your marriage. They are teaching a good marriage is about unbridled sex. It attracts many listeners, but I feel God would want your marriage bed to be kept in secret.

And we have the “Swingers Church”[3] where willing members meet, and before the sermon, they watch pornographic videos and swap wives.. Do they realize the church of satan holds the same activities? When asked “how can you do this” the pastor replied, “we are not under the law, we are under grace”!


summer-1174997_640This grieves the Holy Spirit..

Hyper-grace teaches that all sin, including future sins, have already been forgiven, so there is no need for a believer to ever confess it. They also believe the teaching of Christ and the Commandments, were only meant for the Jews, and we are under a new covenant. John 14:15-31  tells a believer that if we love Him.. we will not take His teachings lightly.. I have never read a word in the Bible that voids the Commandments while the earth remains. To teach a congregation that we do not have any sin to confess is very dangerous, in fact we are told to examine our hearts in Matthew 15:8.  Grace IS found in Christ Jesus, but it is not for us to use in unlimited supply.. we can not live as the world, and still be white as snow. Romans 6:1-2  What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin live in it any longer?.. Pastors who live by hyper-grace say that they do not encourage immorality by church members, that by teaching the abundant grace of Christ, people will not desire to sin. When they are confronted by other Christians, they sharply defend their beliefs, calling others legalistic, or bigots. but we are instructed in 1 Corinthians 5:12-13, to judge the teaching of others if it does not line up with scripture.

ayear1143ecShould we pluck the sawdust out of our brothers eye.. or let him go blind? well- Matthew 7, tells us we all have issues.. but we are to examine ourselves, and repent of our sins. Grace then makes it possible for us to restore our relationship with Jesus Christ when we go to Him with a broken and contrite spirit.. When a brother has fallen and needs restoration, His grace makes it all possible. The law was made to show the people what God considered to be unlawful.. Jesus Christ came into the world to show us we can not keep the law in our flesh.. that we need His grace to continually renew our hearts and minds toward Him, our flesh likes to take the wide road, because the narrow gate takes a daily effort.. If you sit in a congregation that is teaching not to condemn yourself for taking part in worldly pleasures.. it would serve you well to go to the Bible, and search the scriptures, read what Jesus has said to the seven churches, and their conduct in Revelation 2-3.  Hate is a strong word, but Jesus said he hated the Nicolaitans, they mingled themselves in the practice of pagan religions, joining in orgies and wild feasts, and taught that these pleasures were under “grace”.We can not take the chance of claiming Jesus and being lukewarm.. Continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for He that began a good work in you is faithful to complete it.. For everything in the world-the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life,comes not from the Father but from the world.


[1] Florida church loses tax exempt status

[2] Naked Church

[3] False church swingers club

[4] Swingers club to open church



When people join hands.. lives are changed~

Exif_JPEG_420  People will advise, if you travel to a poor country, don’t be seen giving a hand out or others will follow you around “begging”.  It must be difficult to turn your head and ignore their need..

My friendship with Andy for the last 10 years has had its share of rewards, and heartaches.. From thousands of miles away, with his letters typed in broken English, I have been able to paint a picture of life in Tororo Uganda. His late Grand Mother was a Christian, who sent him to school and taught him English, but after she passed away he could no longer find tuition, so at 24-years old, he still lacks a diploma. Consider the trillions of dollars spent funding war, while people are starving and oppressed, with limited opportunity to help themselves. The president of the United States, has cut aid to Uganda, for their refusal to change laws held on abortion and homosexuality, this leaves private humanitarian aid to join together. I am truly thankful for the few who gathered with me last year, to enable Andy to buy some chicks.. I had read of so many in Uganda selling eggs to make a living, and I couldn’t get the urge out of my heart to try it. Although he didn’t end up with a big chicken franchise, it gives him eggs to eat!

1464510137993Recently he was offered the opportunity to learn auto mechanics, this is something he has been waiting for.. A dear friend gave the shillings he would need to pay for lessons. I am now saving for a used tool set, so he can one day use his training for self employment. Here a little, there a little, in the end it avails so much for someone who has survived many years on barter and trade.. Andy is not only thankful, but overjoyed, to be learning a trade, and has great potential to change his life for the better 🙂

Some will call good.. evil


Jesus Feeds 5,000, Middleton Wisconsin Mom’s feed 500, and are being told they must “packup” and stop having their weekly meetings at  Fireman’s Park with local High School students, who voluntarily gather for a free lunch, and discuss the Bible..

As the event grew to a crowd of 500, Principal Steve Plank  informed the parents involved that this practice violates school and district policy. The student’s who attend each week, look forward to what some call “Jesus Lunch” but it is creating a stir among those who feel the parents are proselytizing on school property. The parents who started the event in 2014, were having lunch with their own children,and began bringing extra bagged lunches for other students who wanted to join them. Some less friendly voices claim they are luring kids with free food so that they can talk about Jesus,in this day and age,could you actually bribe a teenager with a sandwich?

Steve Plank assures the parents who started this event that it is not being opposed based on the religious nature,but that it violates school policy of organized events, and food safety.

I understand the pressure on the school to follow policy,and deal with any backlash from disgruntled parents who feel religion has no place in education. When you consider all across the United States,there are reports of students during break using drugs, fighting, and engaging in prostitution.. it  should cause you to ask if there is really any harm in gathering with some students who make their own decision to join in and talk about Jesus.. Possibly the answer to end the strife  would be to elect some students to take over the event and go through the steps to have it approved through the school board.



Meet Andy Of Uganda

Xa 172

I have known Andy since 2006, his parents died young, this is common in Africa.

If you are a young orphan you can be placed in a home, but at 14 you are left to your own demise. With no money for tuition, Andy has grade school education, which put’s him in the unskilled laborer category, In his village labor jobs are hard to come by.

Andy has survived through the kindness of others, they take him in as he offers to help them with chores, or taking care of children. Andy is happy to do this,since it means he won’t live on the streets,or go days without food. At times he must move on, when someone dies, or can no longer keep him. He now stays with Wasike, and helps with the children, but needs a room of his own.

I have contacted countless charity’s in Uganda that offer a helping hand to start a business, or a profitable craft to become self sustaining with no avail, none could help Andy. After seeing others being successful at chicken farming, I saved the money to get him some baby chicks, and found that he is willing to try anything to make a better life!

With the money I have sent, Andy bought chicks, and a solar kit.

Through trial and error he has tried to keep them healthy, and await egg production.He could have better results, with funding to buy what is required to have a successful chicken farm, so at this point it is in phase one, but Andy has shown great effort.

If the chickens generate enough income, Andy could save the tuition for training school, this would provide a better living. He would like to attend mechanics training one day.

Andy needs us to join hands and help him buy the materials for two rooms,this means bricks, tin, and mortar, so that he will have a place of his own to stay.
Andy also needs an outside chicken coup, he planned to give one room of the house to the chickens, but I do not feel this is a good idea, so please help me change his mind! 🙂


Welcome to your new home!                  



Starter chicks eat a lot! at this phase it costs the most..until they can give back your egg- vestment!

1464510137993                                                                               ** Update** Still going strong, and giving back! 🙂