Alarming number of stillbirths across Canada..

I have been quiet about the pandemic, mainly because it is not welcomed

But for the sake of conscience I feel I must sound an alarm for pregnant woman to do their research.

A Canadian, Doctor Daniel Nagase, reported 13 stillbirths in a 24-hour period. More alarming is that there have been 86 stillbirths since July of 2021. He is not the only one in the medical field, who has been concerned about the alarming number of babies not surviving more than 48 hours after birth. Yet I must add the claims have been debunked by fact checkers. If you are pregnant please research the benefits and risks of any drug that enters your babies temporary home. We are told all is well and safe, while any negative feedback is debunked surrounding untimely deaths. We are told VARES data is not reliable concerning death reports because of comorbidity, or other factors. Are we left to take a leap of faith and trust what we are told? I feel we need more facts before making a decision.



Pre- Abortion Counseling at Iganga!

Caring guidance preserves life!

Although Uganda has abortion restrictions, they are performed daily.

[1] 1.2 Million Ugandan woman face unwanted pregnancy each year, in which 26% lead in abortion. Woman living in rural communities are at further risk of having complications during an abortion procedure. Many clinics refer woman to pre- abortion counseling before they agree to perform the procedure.

David Kisaame, of Iganga Crisis Pregnancy Center, fills this need with gladness!

In a recent testimony, David shared how he counseled an unnamed couple, who sought an abortion of their seventh child. Being a pastor, David went to the Bible, and shared how sacred life is to God. Many who come to the pregnancy center, know nothing about God or the Bible. David reads scripture that shows, life begins at conception. The worries that this couple faced, is shared by all the others who came before them. This couple felt that one more mouth to feed, would be far to difficult. David shared many events of hardship from the Bible, and how the Lord gave them all strength to gain victory. Using wisdom like Solomon, David asked the question, ” Having six children, and one in the womb, which brings you more burden to sustain”? They replied “the six”. Jokingly, David said ” Then why not get rid of  the six, and keep the one in your womb”?. Of course, they refused, yet understood what David was implying.. If it is impossible to kill your six children, why kill the one yet to be born.

Ultimately it is the mothers decision, but David aims to be sure they are fully aware of what is to come. Many times, when someone knows there is an another answer, they feel more at peace keeping their child.

This story ended well! after counseling, the couple decided to keep their child. Months passed, and a man entered David’s office to share the news of how grateful he was to receive harsh reality.. in essence, he had asked his wife to have an abortion, since they had six daughters to care for. In tears he related how his wife had just given birth to their only son!.  Good decisions end well, and together they prayed for the existence of the counseling center, and Gods gift of a baby boy.

Iganga reaches out to those seeking an abortion, and provides aid to those who struggle after giving birth to a child. Parenting education, and childcare often lead a family to finding sustainable income. Since finances are the leading cause of abortion, this is a wonderful resource. David invites all those with a heart for life, to join him. If you are considering a mission to Uganda, please contact me.

If you would like to help Iganga advance their efforts, please donate here via Pay Pal.

If you would like to make your support direct, by using Western Union.

  1. Select Uganda as the destination, and send to David Kisaame
  2.  Email the tracking number to me, and I will forward.

Your support is needed, and appricaited!

Thank you 🙂

[1] ugandas-abortion-rate-has-decreased



Uganda Iganga Saving Lives!

If you believe in preserving the life of the unborn, please consider supporting this pro-life group, who desires to make a greater impact!

David Kisaame, of Uganda accepted Jesus Christ in 1994,and became actively involved in Church planting in local communities.

After receiving ordination in 2001,he began his pastoral call and has planted churches in Kenya and Uganda, under the name Greater Grace Ministries. It is here that he also teaches Bible college to those who are eager to learn. And runs an orphanage that provides care and schooling of the children.With love and moral teaching it gives them all a better chance in life.

In Uganda many abort their children. This fact troubled Pastor David Kisaame and caused an aching in his heart. After prayer he formed a ministry to save unborn babies in his community.

Abortion is prevalent in Uganda for the following reasons.

1.Poverty- many young girls from the ages of 13-17 abort their children because they can not afford the care for them. Many are expected to work instead of attending school.

2. Young girls are not taught proper sexual education such as abstinence, or prevention.  National statistics show that only 9% of adolescents are using some form of contraception.

3. Teens are often pressured in school to become sexually active without considering the consequences.

4. Young girls are thrown out of their homes when they become pregnant, and are forced into an abortion to avoid chastisement.

5. Married woman are taught through Planned Parenthood to abort children as means of child spacing. They keep some children and abort the others.

An average of 800 abortions are performed daily,meaning about 300,000 babies annually. On average 1,200 will die from abortions performed locally in unsafe conditions.

Pastor David Kisaame works to prevent these unfortunate circumstances, and preserve life by operating a crisis pregnancy center.
This is their program outreach at Iganga Pregnancy Center.

To educate the community about the dangers of abortion, and the sanctity of life.

Take in the young girls who are rejected by their family, and care for their needs.

Provide counseling to those who have come into the center.

Provide child care enabling the young girls to continue school and find jobs.

Provide education for the mothers to properly care for their babies.

What can you do to help?
Pray for the ministry and the operation of the center.
For funding and protection from those opposed to pro-life movements.
Pray that mothers would spare the life of their children.
Consider making a donation to Iganga Pregnancy Center,it is greatly appreciated.
Share the cause with friends and family to spread the word,sharing is caring.
If you are pro-life be pro-active many hands are needed.


 Iganga Pregnancy Resource Center is a registered charity of Uganda. 100% of your donation will go to work helping the cause. Please donate through Pay Pal at Pennies For Dreams, and place a note in the memo. We thank you 🙂