Wedding Bells And Blessings!

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Hi everyone! I am here to share the good news from India and hope you enjoy the heartfelt thanks to those who have given to the cause!

First I will share the good news of Harshitha.Harshitha

Harshitha came to live with Praveen and his family as a young girl, and they raised her well. Praveen has shared the news of her wedding celebration in their home. Children grow so quickly, it seems like just yesterday she was graduating.

Praveen also shared the news of the children and widows. Praveen and his family attempt to give monthly support to the widows in their church who struggle with daily needs. Praveen was also happy that he could provide the children with toothbrushes and paste. It brings great joy to help others in need and to see a child you have raised start a new life of independence. This is one more child rescued from the streets of India, and this is a great blessing.

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Love Is Here

  Offering a home..

Providing knowledge for a brighter future..

Teaching moral values while they are young.. 

Not forsaking orphans and widows..

Feeding the hungry..

Gifts of kindness..

Nurturing strengths and talents..

Counseling for broken hearts and inner wounds..

I am thankful to those who have given to the India Home.. You help love grow 🙂




Free Gift! ~Charity update~


What will you receive by giving ? 

If you believe in God, He promises to bless you in return, for He loves a cheerful giver.. If you have two coats and give one away, you will have joy.. and less clutter!

Long before I started a charity, my heart was touched by the growing friendship of those I desire to help.. I know there is poverty all around the world, including the United States.. and I am thankful for the charity’s who help them..

At the orphanage in India, Praveene and his family have helped the poor in their village.. and have been blessed in return, not with monetary gain, but with a greater trust in God, and joy that brings good health.. Recently they were blessed to hold a 3 day Gospel event  in their village. They reached over 300 people, this was a great blessing for them, as there are many areas of India that are difficult to hold such gatherings. Vitamins were shared with the elderly and widows to help them gain strength and a better immunity.

I have recently set out to find a farm nearby who could supply milk.. I have learned that they mix ghee with water making a form of butter milk for the children, and they would be happy to receive milk if it was possible. With temperatures of 120 degrees the heat can be unbearable, so I would like to send another fan, considering it would be a help to all who live in the home, and visit for services.

The sewing seeds of love project is still ongoing, I would be happy to send seeds and grow bags for Praveene to give the elderly and widows who attend the church.

Pastor Yatham of India gives Bibles to new Christians, I have been sending 5 Bibles a month, and small gifts of tea, mosquito spray, and oatmeal. If I were rich I would send a truck load! but I live on minimum wage, so for now it is by courier..

Andy of Uganda is still struggling to find a job and there is little I can do for him at this point. I send him links to possible jobs, and give what I can for food each month.. There is a man in Kampala who claims he will send Andy to Dubai for 50.00, but I am unsure if he would be safe.  If you have any job connections to Uganda, please advise..

All I desire to do needs prayer and exposure.. this small private charity, can become greater and help more in need.. There is a profit for me by trying to build this charity.. it is Gods blessing, and the joy of giving.   🙂

If you would like to learn more about the projects and family’s I  aim to help, please visit the main menu.

Thank you for reading and sharing!


~Charity Update~ India & Africa

help-1300942_640It is hard to hold a charity, and still give in secret.. I would like to share the good news with  the hands and feet that made it possible. This is exciting! and others can read of the joy that a little love can bring 🙂

19_zpsp94wqenm I will start in India where Praveen and his family share their home with orphans. Through donations from June to September,the children now have umbrellas, and school supply’s that were also shared with other children in the community who are underprivileged. Living in America, I can see how much we can take for granted. The children were full of joy just to receive notebooks, pens and pencils for school. I am thankful for Amazon India, that enables me to send Chyawanprash Awaleha, and Amla to keep their immunity stronger during the cold and flu season. Praveen’s father is a diabetic, but did not have a blood glucose monitor. He can now test at home and work at better controlling his diabetes. Useful household products  and treats have also arrived, it is not often that the children have biscuits, and they love them 🙂  Laundry powder and dish soap are usually in short supply, and they are grateful to receive it. With many mouths to feed, and learning that there was no area for a garden, I was able to send a Green My Life bag kit, this allows you to grow fruits and vegetables on your patio!

green-my-lifeWe can only hope there is a green thumb in the family! Praveen will also be able to schedule another dinner with the widows and orphans after church, this brings them great joy as they love to share a meal with others who are in need. You can see love in action at Their Sunday Best. To all who gave from their heart, Praveen and the family are truly grateful.


Bibles To Pastor Yatham Pastor Yatham of India received Bibles to give during the street outreach, and has also been provided a rechargeable headset that was needed to replace his broken mobile microphone system. Funds for street missions are needed, as Bibles are asked for by many. If you would like to know more about Pastor Yatham, you can meet him here: India Outreach


img-20160213-wa0000Now on to Africa! As you may know, Andy from Uganda has been trying to find work and has no secondary education. He has been homeless since the age of 14, and offers to help others in exchange for a place to stay..Old fashioned barter and trade at its best! Through hands that gave, Andy is now in mechanics training. A man agreed to teach him for 50 dollars, which is far less than a college would charge. Andy was also able to buy second-hand tools that were needed. Learning a trade once seemed so far out of reach.  Andy in training.

14645100111971 Wasike of Uganda, who provides a home for several orphans has also received a helping hand. The children are in need of food and school books that are difficult to purchase on a janitors salary. The charity at You Caring, for Wasike, also received a 50 dollar donation! and this is to aid the building fund at Love Can Build A Home .

other-village-childrenBetty Florence is back from the mission field in Sierra Leone, and planning a soon return. Any donations I receive are sent directly to the Betty Florence Foundation where she puts every cent to good use. This year Betty and her team dug another well,and provided for the school bringing free education to needy children. They also conducted other outreach projects in the village. Missionaries are not amply funded, so we can see what the Lord has done in Fakonoh Village!

colorful-1191076_640 Sharing all this good news would not be possible without the Lord moving the hands and feet that made it possible. I give thanks to God, and to those who gave, prayed, and share the charity with others.