When people join hands.. lives are changed~

Exif_JPEG_420  People will advise, if you travel to a poor country, don’t be seen giving a hand out or others will follow you around “begging”.  It must be difficult to turn your head and ignore their need..

My friendship with Andy for the last 10 years has had its share of rewards, and heartaches.. From thousands of miles away, with his letters typed in broken English, I have been able to paint a picture of life in Tororo Uganda. His late Grand Mother was a Christian, who sent him to school and taught him English, but after she passed away he could no longer find tuition, so at 24-years old, he still lacks a diploma. Consider the trillions of dollars spent funding war, while people are starving and oppressed, with limited opportunity to help themselves. The president of the United States, has cut aid to Uganda, for their refusal to change laws held on abortion and homosexuality, this leaves private humanitarian aid to join together. I am truly thankful for the few who gathered with me last year, to enable Andy to buy some chicks.. I had read of so many in Uganda selling eggs to make a living, and I couldn’t get the urge out of my heart to try it. Although he didn’t end up with a big chicken franchise, it gives him eggs to eat!

1464510137993Recently he was offered the opportunity to learn auto mechanics, this is something he has been waiting for.. A dear friend gave the shillings he would need to pay for lessons. I am now saving for a used tool set, so he can one day use his training for self employment. Here a little, there a little, in the end it avails so much for someone who has survived many years on barter and trade.. Andy is not only thankful, but overjoyed, to be learning a trade, and has great potential to change his life for the better 🙂