Be Ye Thankful


” In every thing give thanks” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18 ~


I can only speak for myself, but I have seen an increase in unthankfulness all around me. Children throwing tantrums, turning red in store isles.. Mothers leaving reviews for the  latest trend toys, irate at the inability to please, ruined their child’s birthday.. really? There was once a time when people were grateful for simply having basic necessities. Food, clothing, and a roof over your head was enough to make anyone count their blessings. In this new generation many have all they need and still want more.. Possibly a vacation to a third world country could change their outlook.. There was once a man who complained he had no shoes, until he met the man who had no feet..

When I am “wanting” things I don’t really need.. I have to remind myself to be thankful for what I do have, since many have far less. When the winter wind chills me, I think of the homeless who endure all weather. When I get tired of the same budget meals, I am reminded of those who eat from dumpsters. There are many things I am thankful for, and if you stop to think about it.. we can always find more..

Having friendship with Praveen and his family in India has shown me that being thankful is a virtue to teach children early. My heart is touched when I see how thankful they are. Their faith is strengthened when they are in need, and find that God makes a way. I have learned valuable lessons from others who never lived with abundance, and are thankful for what they have at any given moment. This is not always easy I agree.. our flesh enjoys comfort, and at times life is downright uncomfortable.. If we practice being thankful it becomes easier every day.

          ~  I am wishing you a happy and thankful Thanksgiving~  🙂


Meet Andy Of Uganda

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I have known Andy since 2006, his parents died young, this is common in Africa.

If you are a young orphan you can be placed in a home, but at 14 you are left to your own demise. With no money for tuition, Andy has grade school education, which put’s him in the unskilled laborer category, In his village labor jobs are hard to come by.

Andy has survived through the kindness of others, they take him in as he offers to help them with chores, or taking care of children. Andy is happy to do this,since it means he won’t live on the streets,or go days without food. At times he must move on, when someone dies, or can no longer keep him. He now stays with Wasike, and helps with the children, but needs a room of his own.

I have contacted countless charity’s in Uganda that offer a helping hand to start a business, or a profitable craft to become self sustaining with no avail, none could help Andy. After seeing others being successful at chicken farming, I saved the money to get him some baby chicks, and found that he is willing to try anything to make a better life!

With the money I have sent, Andy bought chicks, and a solar kit.

Through trial and error he has tried to keep them healthy, and await egg production.He could have better results, with funding to buy what is required to have a successful chicken farm, so at this point it is in phase one, but Andy has shown great effort.

If the chickens generate enough income, Andy could save the tuition for training school, this would provide a better living. He would like to attend mechanics training one day.

Andy needs us to join hands and help him buy the materials for two rooms,this means bricks, tin, and mortar, so that he will have a place of his own to stay.
Andy also needs an outside chicken coup, he planned to give one room of the house to the chickens, but I do not feel this is a good idea, so please help me change his mind! 🙂


Welcome to your new home!                  



Starter chicks eat a lot! at this phase it costs the most..until they can give back your egg- vestment!

1464510137993                                                                               ** Update** Still going strong, and giving back! 🙂

Meet Wasike of Uganda


   Wasike has taken in orphans for many years, and has a great heart for those who live on the streets. He works as a cleaner in his village, this is his only income to care for them.

Some of the children were given to Wasike years ago,through the city council,others have been taken from the streets.Tensely,a three-year old boy was given to him by an old woman,since his parents had died of HIV, and she could not care for him. the children have been orphaned or abandoned. Wasike’s heart to take in children from the street, saves them from child labor, gang relations, and prostitution. He loves the children,yet struggles to make ends meet,there are no welfare programs available in Uganda.

It is his dream to have a larger home for the children, as more rooms could be built, the older boy’s sleep in a shed on the property since the house is not big enough. they could also truly use clothing ,and school books. your much-needed donation can help a struggling family.

No gift is to small, and appreciated. 

  • Together we can help fund the building of rooms for the children.
  • provide solar lighting for the home.
  • Provide a supplement for the children’s basic needs.

                                           ~Meet the beautiful children~




Wasike is starting to build more rooms.. He needs our help to buy materials

Please consider a donation to help this family move forward..