Playing God


Who decides the value of life?

I know this is a subject highly debated by some, but I am simply bumfuzzled by this way of thinking.

In America a woman can abort a “fetus” up to moments before delivery if she chooses. When the state does not allow late-term procedures, they will refer them to another clinic. If that same woman were to deliver at home or in a college dorm, and the child died, she would be charged with manslaughter. The defense could be stated that she did not want the child, it makes no difference. Only licensed doctors can legally end life. If the same child were to have a medical condition and she did not seek proper treatment, she would be charged with neglect or possibly manslaughter if the child were to die as a result. Yet once in the hands of the hospital, they now have the right to play God. Many parents have been charged with medical neglect because they do not agree with the decisions of their doctor. Whether it be medications or vaccinations, you no longer have the right to decide what is best for them, because you don’t hold their degree. Parents have had a child sent to foster care because they would not give them drugs prescribed for mental conditions. Parents have fought the medical establishment over the right to refuse vaccinations. While others fight for their child to receive medical treatment that could save their life. In London, the Human Rights Counsel has the last word. Infant Charlie Guard was refused life support, and the option to be treated elsewhere, he died July 28, 2017. Infant Alfie Evans died April 28, 2018 after having life support removed. In both cases the government decided if the child would receive treatment, or if it was ethical to sustain life. There are cases where a hard decision must be made, and I am not referring to anyone who has faced that decision.

I am sure there are many cases like this, but one comes to mind. A young man received a brain injury and in deep coma. Doctors advised his mother, that even if he were to awaken there would be little brain function. The diagnosis was grim, and she was advised not to continue life support. Refusing to give up, she sat with her son every day. Reading scriptures, praying, and speaking encouraging words to him. People would often ask why she bothered, since he could not hear. Doctors continued to suggest he be taken of life support, but she refused. On New Years eve, a shift nurse was doing her rounds, and was not happy to be there. She was cursing at him, and saying if not for him, she would be at the party. One glorious day, he did awaken out of the coma. Before leaving he spoke to the shift nurse who was cursing him. He told her everything she had said in the room that New Years Eve. The Color drained from her face, and she was speachless. Not only could he hear a mothers prayers, and her fight for him, but also the negative scoffing of those who did not believe in chance. The young man had full brain function, and compleatly recovered. God can change any circumstance if one has faith that He can. Why not allow God to decide who lives or dies? I believe it comes down to the fact that so many do not believe He created life. Therefore only the strong survive, making it survival of the fittest. This belief puts man in place of God.

~The History Of Music~

sound-67413_640      Music has been part of culture since the beginning of time..

People have their own idea as to where music originated. Trusting in Biblical history, I believe it came down from heaven! Heaven is filled with angels who raise their voices in worship,in fact many who had a near death experience, distinctly remember the music they heard.. It has been theorized that Lucifer the anointed cherub, was a living musical instrument, having timbrel’s and pipes from the day he was created. Lucifer was the worship leader,before his pride caused him to be cast down from heaven.All the angels sang in unison before the rebellion occurred.With his enticement,he took one-third of the angels with him and they formed their own band on earth!. The first mention of musical instruments on earth was in Genesis 4:21. Jubal he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ, other translations read stringed instruments and pipes. Moses became a song writer,three are recorded in the Bible, one he sang before his death. Deuteronomy 32:1–43

fig-510612_1280David played the harp and it soothed the demons within King Saul.  Saul would often call upon David when his mind was tormented to play the harp,and the demons would leave him. David was known as “the sweet psalmist of Israel” and he went on to write at half of the 150 songs recorded in the book of Psalms. People have been so interested in David’s harp, that they conducted extensive study to recreate the Biblical harp. Dr. Danny Ben Gigi created Psalms From The Heart, and claims it is the music you would hear in Davids day.


mozart-123050_640Music is part of our lives, it effects the mood, positive or negative, and can even raise the IQ of an unborn child..  The “Mozart effect” was first suggested by a scientific study published in 1993 in the Journal Of Science. This study determined that when a mother played music to the baby in her womb, the children were generally smarter than others in their age group.They determined classical music by Mozart, had the greatest effect on a child’s brain development. Others would disagree that children who listened to classical music had a higher IQ.

questions-1328466_640 Is there more to this theory that science can explain? From David’s harp,Mozart, and The Beatles.. In 1910 something happened to the music, many have claimed it was intended to “reshape” the human mind.

The theory told is that ancient instruments in history were tuned to a unique pitch. The oldest flutes, and lyres in ancient Greece, and the wind instruments discovered in Egyptian tombs were tuned to 432 HZ.  Music has been part of worship to the gods since the beginning, and in Ancient Greece they used instruments that sounded best to the human ear, this soothed the masses in a peaceful trance-like state. There is a theory that the rulers of ancient Greece, had all instruments re-tuned to a higher frequency, in order to create warriors.  

In 1910 the American Federation of Musicians endorsed a standard of 440 Hz tuning for all orchestras and concert performing musicians. It applied to all the  public performances in America. Through time 440 Hz has become the modern standard tuning for all music. Why was 432 Hz, tuning frequency used since the beginning of time, changed to a higher frequency?. It has been claimed that man can use music to manipulate the mind and emotions of those who have “ears to hear” and this is the main purpose of “fiddling” with music.

africa-1251522_640 Music is enjoyed, or despised by the unseen realm.  A missionary from Zimbabwe,came to speak at a church in America. After the worship service he questioned the Pastor Why do you call up demons with your drummingHe warned that this was the same beat he once used to get demons into the people. If I were to say that any style of music was “demonic” I would have a fight on my hands. People from every culture love their music, and so do I, although my taste has changed through the years. It has been said that many musicians dedicate their work to a god, in order to receive “favor” in the competitive world. With this in mind, I am careful what I choose to “move my soul and spirit”.

music-278795_640 We can see the power of music, when used as therapy.  Music therapy is becoming popular, and many are being helped in the practice. Studies have shown that music can heal the mind and emotions of an individual. This is where the 432 Hz tuning frequency comes in. Those who listened to music selections in the 432 HZ showed a decrease in anxiety, and negative emotions. It has been said that The Beatles “imagine” was played in this frequency, maybe this is why it seemed so lovely to me. People have claimed the amazing healing power of music, after 18 months of listening to music within 432 HZ, the difference in their brain function was astonishing. There have also been claims that cancer patients who listen to this frequency during treatment, and visualize their cancer cells transforming into healthy cells,have seen results. If you would like to investigate this claim, you can find many selections to listen to. There are songs on YouTube, and many artist sell CD’s or downloads in the healing frequincy. There are also free conversion tools for listening to your favorite music in 432 HZ.

I hope this will be “music to your ears”  🙂