When was Jesus born?


I will always remember gathering with my grandparents for Christmas. My grandmother would bake a cake, and we would sing happy birthday to Jesus.

It was not until I was much older that I realized Jesus was not born on Christmas day. Mary and Joseph did not leave a birth certificate for us to discover, but the Bible does hold some clues.

Roman Emperor Aurelan set the date for winter solstice December 25th, this is a pagan holiday to worship the sun god Sol. Christians were allowed to celebrate what we now call Christmas, to worship Jesus instead. It was also on this date in 168 BC, Antiochus defiled the Temple, offering a pig to Zeus on the altar of God. I often wondered why Christians did not choose another date to celebrate, since there is paganism mixed into Christmas traditions. One positive note is that Christians do leave CHRIST in Christmas.

We should celebrate the birth of Jesus every day, but I thought it would be interesting to know when He could have been born. {Luke 1:13}Zacharias and Elizabeth conceived in their old age. {Luke 1:26-27,31} We know that Elizabeth was with child before the angel appeared before Mary. {Luke 1:36} We know that John was six months older than his cousin Jesus.{Luke 1:9} Zacharias served in the Temple on Pentecost when the angel appeared to him. It is believed by Jewish historians that John was conceived in the Biblical month of Sivan. This being early June on the Gregorian calendar, placing his birth late March 03 BC.{ Luke 1:26-58} When the Spirit of God overshadowed the virgin Mary it was six months after John was conceived, placing the Holy Conception around late November, early December on the Gregorian calendar. Going by the Biblical calendar and Fall feasts, Jesus was born during the Fall harvest in September.

{Genesis 1:4} We can also glean from the stars that God placed in the heavens for signs and seasons.{Matthew 2} The magi were searching for the star that would locate the king of the Jews.There is a star that appeared in the evening, just as the Fall Feast began, and it bears a startling resemblance to the sign John foretold.

{Revelation 12:1-5} John describes a woman giving birth to a son who will rule the nations! September 11, during the Feast of Trumpets in the year 3 BC, Leo began to merge with Jupiter,they would rise together as one. That evening just before the Feast began, Venus in Virgo was clothed in the sun with the new moon under her feet. Was the Messiah born September 12th, just as the the moon was at the feet of Virgo? Did Jupiter rise forming the Star of Bethlehem just before dawn to announce the King of the Jews had been born?.

God forbids use of astrology, I do not follow horoscopes or birth signs. The Babylonians created horoscopes and the use of astrology to predict the future. The magi and the prophet Daniel studied the constellation of the stars for signs and seasons. Although the exact date that Jesus was born is not of real importance. Believing in the One who was born to take away the sins of the world, is of the utmost. There is to much proof to deny Him, and delaying the question if He exists can prove futile. Many good men and woman have died unexpectedly within seconds.. with no time to consider life after death.

If you are wondering if God exists.. or if this virgin birth is just a well arranged myth.. please take the time to research and discover for yourself if it is true.

If you celebrate Christmas, as they say in India happy happy Christmas to you” 🙂