Meet Andy Of Uganda

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I first met Andy in 2006, his parents died young, and at fourteen he became an orphan.

If you are a young orphan you can be placed in a home, but at 14 you are left to your own demise. With no money for tuition, Andy has grade school education. Without a degree this puts him in the “common laborer” category. In his village jobs are hard to come by because laborers are the majority.

Andy has been surviving through the kindness of others, they take him in as he offers to help them with chores or taking care of children. Andy is happy to do this, because it means he won’t live on the streets, or go days without food. At times he must move on, when the person he stays with dies, or can no longer keep him. He now stays with Wasike, and helps with the children, but needs a place of his own.

I have contacted countless charities in Uganda that offer a helping hand to start a business, or a profitable craft to become “self-sustaining” with no avail, none would help. . After seeing others being successful at chicken farming, I decided to save the money to get Andy some baby chicks. He was happy, and I found that he is willing to try anything to make a better life!

With the money I have sent, Andy bought chicks, and a solar kit.

Through trial and error he has been trying to keep them healthy, and await egg production.

He could have better results with funding to buy what is required for a successful chicken farm. At this point it is still in phase one, but Andy has shown great effort.

If the chickens generate enough income, Andy could save the tuition for training, this would provide a better living. He would like to attend mechanics school one day.
Andy needs us to join hands and help him buy the materials for a two room house, this means bricks, tin, and mortar, so that he will have a place of his own to stay.
Andy also needs an outside chicken coup. He planned to give one room of the house to the chickens, but I do not feel this is a good idea, so please help me change his mind! 🙂


Healthy Chickens start laying in about six months


Starter chicks eat a lot! at this phase it cost the most
 until they can give back your eggvestment 🙂

1464510137993  Andy has done well raising the chickens.. despite the struggles of buying food and medicine.. he is pleased that a few have started laying.

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