Meet Praveen


Praveen and his wife Keerthi, alongside his parents Ratna Kumar and Esther, have devoted their lives to helping orphans of India, giving them a loving home.

In India the future for street children is bleak. Many are taken into slave labor, used for prostitution, and have little hope for education. India still follows the caste system, also known as ‘jati’, the Shudra are looked upon as lower class laborers,with no option to advance.

Feed Ministries is a highly reputable registered orphanage near Andhra Pradesh.

Funds are not wasted on personal gain, their goal is to help others in need. 

In 2003 a building was renovated, where they provide food, clothing, and education.The children are shown love, and their new home enables them to rise above the caste system, as they learn true self-worth.

They also provide help to the homeless and widows in their area, often having dinners for the hungry. It is the family’s dream to open a college for those who can not afford standard tuition. Student fees would be based on their income, and more could have a chance to be educated.

With your help and support, they could move ahead to establish the college. The college would in turn supply extra income for the orphanage, enabling them help more children.

Feed Ministries has recently taken in more children from the streets, and I am asking that we join hands to offer much-needed support. 

       Your donation can help provide.

  • Food and clothing/ Special birthday surprises! .
  • School supplies.
  • Medication and Dr. visits.
  • Funds for the building maintenance. 



1Feed Ministries is growing - Brother Praveen

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